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Extra-large 25mm aluminium calibre for measuring high-power airsoft shooting speeds and kinetic energy. Built from durable aluminium alloy and industrial-grade plastic, it includes a backlit LCD.

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NP E9800-X Airsoft Chronograph

The NP E9800-X Airsoft Chronograph, a state-of-the-art tool engineered for accuracy and reliability. Featuring an extra-large Φ25mm aluminum caliber, this chronograph is tailored for evaluating the highest power in airsoft shooting speed, muzzle velocity, and kinetic energy. It also estimates shooting distance, providing a comprehensive overview of your weapon’s capabilities.

Durable Construction:

Constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy and industrial-grade plastic, the NP E9800-X is designed to withstand frequent outdoor use. This robust build ensures that your chronograph will last through countless games and sessions, offering reliable performance in various conditions.

Advanced Display and Operation:

  • Dual Units Display: This display showcases readings in multiple units, including meters per second (m/s), feet per second (FPS), joules, joules per centimetre (J/cm), rounds per minute (r/m), and rounds per second (r/s), catering to a wide range of preferences and detailed analysis.
  • The backlit LCD Screen ensures clear readability in low-light conditions, making it easy to check your stats during evening games or in darker environments.
  • Simple Interface: Operates with a 3-key, intuitive, straightforward setup, allowing you to make quick adjustments and settings without hassle.

Energy-Efficient Features:

  • Auto Power-Off: Automatically shuts down to conserve battery life when not in use.
  • Power Saving Mode: Reduces power consumption, ensuring that the chronograph operates efficiently and prolongs battery life.

Ideal for serious airsoft players, the NP E9800-X Airsoft Chronograph is an indispensable tool that provides precise measurements and robust durability. Whether tuning your gun for a competition or practising, this chronograph offers the technical support to enhance your shooting accuracy and performance.

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