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NUPROL 4.0 Premium Airsoft Gas

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Experience unparalleled airsoft performance with NUPROL 4.0 Premium Airsoft Gas, the ultimate upgrade for SMG & Rifle GBB replicas. Its advanced formula provides rapid gas expansion, peak performance, and essential lubrication for metal-on-metal contacts and rubber seal maintenance.

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NUPROL 4.0 Premium Airsoft Gas

NUPROL 4.0 Premium Airsoft Gas is the ultimate upgrade from the market-leading NUPROL 2.0 gas. Tailored specifically for SMG & Rifle GBB (Gas-Blow-Back) and bolt-driven Airsoft Replicas with large gas reservoirs, NUPROL 4.0 offers unmatched efficiency and power. Its premium formulation is designed to restabilize gas expansion rapidly within the reservoir, minimizing the “drop-off” effect experienced by GBB replicas, making it ideal for fully automatic rifles that demand fast-acting airsoft gas.

Unmatched Performance for Serious Players

NUPROL 4.0 sets the standard for high-performance airsoft gas, providing a fast expansion rate that ensures consistent power for every shot. It’s particularly suited for larger airsoft replicas, whose advanced formula can significantly improve gameplay by maintaining peak performance levels.

Why NUPROL 4.0 Stands Out?

  • Ultimate Potency: The most potent formulation in the NUPROL range, designed for GBB SMGs and rifles.
  • Peak Performance: Specially formulated for optimal performance in airsoft replicas, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Seal Maintenance: Contains silicone lubricant to treat and maintain rubber seals, extending the life of gas magazines.
  • Metal Protection: Prevents rust and corrosion on metal-on-metal contacts within your replica.
  • Eco-Friendly: Free from CFC gases, making it a safer environmental choice.
  • Versatile Operating Temperature: Performs excellently in temperatures ranging from 3°c to 20°c.

Elevate Your Airsoft Experience

NUPROL 4.0 is not just an airsoft gas; it’s a comprehensive maintenance solution that lubricates metal contacts and treats rubber o-rings with every shot. This makes it an exceptional choice for keeping your gas magazines in prime condition between skirmishes.

A Trusted Power Solution for Every Mission

Choose NUPROL 4.0 for a premium airsoft gas solution that enhances the performance and longevity of your GBB SMGs and rifles. Experience the difference professional-grade gas can make in your tactical gameplay, ensuring you remain at the top of your game in every skirmish.

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