NUPROL Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1600mAh Deans

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Offering a high capacity, powerful discharge rates, and a compact design, it ensures your AEGs perform at their best. Reliable, durable, and compatible, it’s the essential choice for serious airsoft players.

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NUPROL Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1600mAh Deans

NUPROL Airsoft Battery 7.4v LiPo 1600mAh Deans. Tailored for the dedicated airsoft enthusiast, this battery combines high capacity with exceptional discharge rates, ensuring your AEGs deliver peak performance when it counts.

Compact Power, Unmatched Agility: The NUPROL battery boasts an excellent size-to-weight ratio with its lithium polymer technology, allowing for more shots per battery without the bulk. Its 1600mAh capacity ensures you have the power to stay in the game longer, with 20C/40C continuous/burst discharge rates providing a steady and reliable power supply for those crucial moments.

Designed for Compatibility and Durability: This battery’s standard form factor is perfect for snug fits within the stock buffer tube of rear-wired airsoft replicas, maximising space and minimising interference. Including a Deans (T) connector offers a reliable connection to a wide range of airsoft guns, ensuring compatibility and performance are never questioned.

Specifications Table:

  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
  • Battery Chemistry: LiPo
  • Battery Voltage: 7.4V
  • Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
  • Battery C Rating: 20C Continuous / 40C Burst
  • Battery Connector Type: Deans (T)

Key Features for the Airsoft Aficionado:

  • Enhanced Capacity: 1600mAh for extended play times and fewer interruptions.
  • High Discharge Rate: 20C/40C continuous/burst discharge for a consistent and powerful performance.
  • Compact and Lightweight: It is designed for ease of use and portability and weighs in with a minimal impact on your gear.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for a broad array of airsoft AEGs, ensuring your gear is always battle-ready.
  • Quality Assured: It is manufactured in an ISO 9000 accredited plant, with optimal charge rate shipping to protect against degradation.

Power Your Passion for Airsoft

The NUPROL 7.4v LiPo 1600mAh Deans battery is more than just a power source; it’s a crucial component of your airsoft arsenal. Offering superior performance, reliability, and compatibility, this battery ensures that your focus remains on strategy and execution, not on power levels. Gear up with NUPROL and experience the difference quality power makes.

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