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The perfect solution for maintaining your airsoft weapons. Designed to protect and enhance performance, this silicone oil reduces friction, does not degrade soft polymers, and is ideal for cleaning, lubrication, and protection. Its large volume ensures long-lasting use for all your airsoft maintenance needs.

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Nuprol Premium Silicone Oil 180ml

Elevate the maintenance of your airsoft weapons with Nuprol Premium Silicone Oil 180ml. Designed specifically for the airsoft community, this silicone-based lubricant offers multiple benefits to ensure your gear remains in top condition, enhancing performance and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Specialised Formula: This silicone oil is crafted not to degrade soft polymers, making it safe for use on all parts of your airsoft gun, including areas with sensitive materials.
  • Friction Reduction: By reducing friction, Nuprol Silicone Oil helps improve the overall performance of your airsoft weapons, ensuring smoother operation and increased reliability.
  • Versatile Protection: This product is ideal for protecting, cleaning, and lubricating your airsoft guns. It shields against rust and corrosion while keeping your equipment clean and functional.
  • Large Volume: The generous 180ml size ensures you have ample supply for regular maintenance, keeping your airsoft weapons in optimal condition through frequent use.

Application Tips:

  • Easy to Apply: Spray or apply a small amount onto the moving parts and surfaces needing protection. The oil spreads easily and creates a protective barrier without a heavy residue.
  • Regular Maintenance: Use regularly as part of your airsoft weapon care routine to maintain performance and protect your equipment from wear and environmental damage.

Nuprol Premium Silicone Oil is an invaluable tool for any airsoft player looking to ensure their airsoft guns operate flawlessly and last longer.

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