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NUPROL RZR 0.28g BBs Bio Tracer 6000 Price:  Original price was: £53.99.Current price is: £50.21. (as of 00:15 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.

These high-precision, biodegradable tracer BBs ensure your shots are accurate and environmentally friendly. Perfect for tactical players who value performance and planet, light up the game without leaving a footprint.

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NUPROL RZR 0.28g BBs Bio Tracer 6000

NUPROL RZR 0.28g BBs Bio Tracer 6000, the perfect blend of environmental responsibility and tactical advantage. These biodegradable tracer BBs light up the night skies, ensuring your path to victory is both bright and green. Ideal for players who demand precision and care for the planet, let’s explore what makes these BBs a must-have.

Enhanced Performance and Sustainability:

  • Biodegradable Polymer Construction: These BBs break down naturally from eco-friendly materials, making them perfect for sites requiring biodegradable options.
  • Green Tracer Illumination: Upon firing through a tracer unit, the BBs glow green, marking the trajectory towards the target for mesmerizing night battles.

Engineered for Excellence:

  • Ultra-Precise Specifications: Each BB is crafted to 5.95mm in diameter with a tight tolerance of +/- 0.01mm, offering unparalleled accuracy and consistency.
  • Optimized for Advanced Setups: Weighing 0.28g, these BBs are ideal for outdoor skirmishes and enhanced with upgraded HOP-up parts for superior stability, wind resistance, and foliage penetration.

NUPROL’s Quality Assurance:

  • RZR BB Range Excellence: As part of the prestigious RZR series, these tracer BBs uphold NUPROL’s commitment to quality, performance, and environmental stewardship.
  • Versatile Packaging Options: Whether you prefer a 2200-round bottle for light packing or a 6000-round bulk bag for extensive gameplay, NUPROL has you covered.

Illuminate your gameplay with NUPROL RZR 0.28g BBs Bio Tracer 6000. These BBs combine cutting-edge tracer technology with biodegradable materials, offering a responsible yet thrilling airsoft experience. Perfect for night skirmishes and players committed to quality and the environment, step into the light with NUPROL and leave no trace behind.

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