Book Paintball 90 (10 Players)

From: £250.00

Use this online booking to book your Paintball 90 event.
Please note that the minimum booking is for 10 players.
If you would like to book midweek, please contact us on 01757 289322.

Some players are a bit mad and like to shoot everything in sight.
Add an extra 200 paintballs (worth £16) for only £10 each.

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Book paintball 90Paintball 90

The 90-minute, colour-infused adrenaline rush will immerse paintball enthusiasts of all ages in a whirlwind of vibrant chaos! This time-optimised, high-intensity version of paintball equips players with top-notch paintball markers, perfect for unleashing a colourful storm upon their adversaries.

Watch teams strategise, communicate, and navigate the dynamic battlefield in a race against the clock, using obstacles, bunkers, and natural terrain to outmanoeuvre their rivals. The exhilarating thrill of dodging paintballs and landing the perfect shot reaches new heights in this fast-paced, paint-splattered showdown.
So gather your squad and prepare for an epic 90-minute battle royale! “Paintball 90” guarantees to be the most action-packed, technicolour rollercoaster ride your warriors have ever experienced. Countdown to colour – let the paint fly!
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