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QIKEGoods Paintball Padded Compression Shirt

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Featuring thicker 10 mm pads and EVA foam air cushions, this water-resistant, lightweight shirt offers superior protection and breathability. Perfect for paintball and other sports, it comes in multiple sizes and options for a customisable fit.

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QIKEGoods Paintball Padded Compression Shirt

The QIKEGoods Paintball Padded Compression Shirt is an excellent choice. It is designed with thicker 10 mm pads that provide optimal protection against impacts, ensuring you stay safe while sprouting through the field.

Water-Resistant and Lightweight Design

Made from lightweight materials, the QIKEGoods compression shirt is also water-resistant, making it ideal for various weather conditions. Whether diving into the cover or braving the elements, this shirt will keep you protected without weighing you down.

Superior Shock Absorption and Breathability

The EVA foam air cushion technology offers shock-absorbing protection and high elasticity, ensuring better air permeability than conventional materials. This design makes the shirt perfect for long hours of play, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your paintball session.

Versatile Use Across Multiple Sports

While tailored for paintball, the QIKEGoods padded compression shirt is also suitable for football, basketball, skateboarding, ice skating, rugby, and other sports. Its versatility makes it a great addition to any athlete’s wardrobe, providing essential protection across various activities.

Customizable Fit with Multiple Options

The padded compression tracksuit includes options for a t-shirt, vest, and trousers, allowing you to choose the combination that best fits your needs. This customization ensures that you get the right protection exactly where you need it most.

Enhanced Comfort and Durability

With four-way stretch fabric, the shirt offers superb elasticity, durability, and comfort. It resists uniform compression force better than general protection knitted materials, providing excellent support and maintaining its shape during rigorous activity.

Key Features:

  • Thicker 10 mm Pads: Optimal protection for paintball
  • Water-Resistant and Lightweight: Suitable for all weather conditions
  • EVA Foam Air Cushion: Superior shock absorption and breathability
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for paintball, football, basketball, skateboarding, ice skating, rugby, and more
  • Customizable Fit: Options for t-shirt, vest, and trousers
  • Four-Way Stretch Fabric: Enhanced comfort, durability, and support

Size Options

The QIKEGoods Paintball Padded Compression Shirt is available in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every player.

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