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Red Smoke Grenades Pull Ring x 4

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Perfect for creating a visually stunning red smoke effect. These easy-to-use, cord-pull grenades provide 60 to 80 seconds of vivid smoke, ideal for daytime use in tactical airsoft games, photo shoots, and celebrations.

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Red Smoke Grenades Pull Ring x 4

Red Smoke Grenades Pull Ring x 4 pack is a dynamic and visually striking tool for airsoft players and event organisers. These grenades are designed to produce dense red smoke for 60 to 80 seconds, perfect for adding dramatic effects to parties, weddings, birthdays, and tactical gameplay scenarios.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Vibrant Red Smoke Output: Each grenade emits a bold red smoke, lasting between 60 to 80 seconds, ideal for creating impactful visuals and enhancing the atmosphere of any event or game.
  • Easy-to-Use Cord Pull Activation: These smoke grenades have a simple cord pull mechanism, making them incredibly easy to activate. This feature allows for quick and safe deployment, increasing user convenience.
  • Compact and Potent: Despite their small size, these grenades deliver a large volume of smoke, making them an effective tool for visual appeal and tactical applications during daylight hours.
  • Multipurpose Utility: While specifically designed for airsoft play, these smoke grenades are also perfect for photo shoots, amateur filming, and various celebrations, adding a layer of excitement and flair.
  • Daytime Effectiveness: The red smoke produced is particularly effective during the day. It provides a stark contrast against the daylight, which enhances visibility and the overall spectacle.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery Information: Not applicable.
  • Dimensions: Compact enough to be easily carried and deployed, yet powerful enough to deliver significant smoke output.
  • Materials: Safe, high-quality components ensure a spectacular display without adverse effects.

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