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SHARROW Archery Quiver

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Made from premium Oxford fabric with a sturdy lining plate, it holds up to 8 arrows with a maximum shaft diameter of 8.8mm. It features a secure snap closure for easy belt attachment, perfect for outdoor crossbow hunting and shooting. Arrows not included.

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SHARROW Archery Quiver

The SHARROW Archery Quiver is meticulously crafted from premium-quality Oxford fabric, reinforced with a lining plate for added sturdiness. This durable construction ensures the quiver can withstand the rigours of outdoor hunting and shooting, providing a reliable accessory that will stand the test of time. The quiver’s robust design is perfect for archers who demand high performance and longevity from their equipment.

Ample Capacity and Optimal Fit

Designed to accommodate up to 8 arrows, the SHARROW Archery Quiver offers ample space for all your archery needs. A recommended maximum arrow shaft diameter of 8.8mm ensures a secure and snug fit for your arrows, preventing unnecessary movement or noise. This capacity makes it ideal for both practice sessions and actual hunting trips, allowing you to carry a sufficient number of arrows easily.

Convenient and Secure Fastening

The SHARROW Archery Quiver’s key feature is its ease of use. Its snap closure securely fastens to your belt, making it incredibly easy to put on and take off. This design enhances convenience and ensures that your quiver remains securely attached during vigorous activities, providing you with peace of mind while you focus on your aim.

Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re embarking on a crossbow hunting expedition or enjoying a casual outdoor shooting session, the SHARROW Archery Quiver is the perfect companion. Its sturdy and practical design makes it an excellent accessory for any archery enthusiast, enhancing your overall outdoor experience. The quiver’s reliable construction and ease of use make it an excellent choice for hunters and archers.

Package Contents:

  • One-piece arrow quiver (Please note that the arrows shown in the picture are for display purposes only and are not included in the package.)

Key Features:

  • Material: High-quality Oxford fabric with lining plate
  • Capacity: Holds up to 8 arrows
  • Arrow Shaft Diameter: Recommended maximum of 8.8mm
  • Fastening: Secure snap closure for easy attachment to belt
  • Applications: Ideal for outdoor crossbow hunting and shooting

With the SHARROW Archery Quiver, you get a blend of durability, convenience, and practicality, making it an indispensable addition to your archery gear.

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