TOMTAC XCORTECH X310 Airsoft Chronograph

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This pocket-sized powerhouse offers versatility, customizable ammo settings, and dual power options (AA battery or micro USB). It measures the rate of fire and muzzle velocity accurately.

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TOMTAC XCORTECH X310 Airsoft Chronograph

The TOMTAC XCORTECH X310 Airsoft Chronograph is your ultimate partner in airsoft gaming. Designed with the size of a GoPro camera, this chronograph fits perfectly into your kit bag without taking up much space. Whether heading to a local skirmish or a national competition, the X310’s portability ensures it’s always there when needed.

Versatile and User-Friendly:

This chronograph is not just compact but also incredibly versatile and straightforward to use. It supports various ammo weights and calibres, allowing you to pre-set these into its memory for quick access during games. Whether using standard BBs or customized projectiles, the X310 adjusts seamlessly to meet your needs.

Dual Power Options:

The X310 is powered hassle-free with two convenient options. Use a single AA battery for traditional use or connect it via a micro USB cable for continuous power. This flexibility ensures your chronograph is ready to go whenever you are, no matter where you are.

Precision Measurements:

  • Rate of Fire (ROF): Measures both Rounds Per Minute (RPM) and Rounds Per Second (RPS).
  • Speed: Tracks muzzle velocity in meters per second (m/s) and feet per second (ft/s), which is crucial for ensuring your airsoft gun meets field regulations.
  • Memory: You can remember up to 25 shots, allowing you to track performance over time.

Advanced Features:

  • Velocity Range: 3 – 980 fps, accommodating a wide range of airsoft firearms.
  • High-Density IR Sensor: Ensures accurate measurements every time.
  • Tripod Mounting: Compatible with standard camera tripods, ideal for stationary setup and consistent use.

Safety and Maintenance Tips:

  • When using gas or CO2 airsoft guns, ensure they are at least 10cm from the chronograph to avoid smoke interference.
  • For accurate readings, ensure the chronograph is level, and BBs are fired centrally through the detection hole.
  • Monitor battery life, as low power may affect accuracy.

Perfect for every airsoft enthusiast, the TOMTAC XCORTECH X310 is essential for ensuring your gear performs within the safety limits of your skirmish sites. Its lightweight design, ease of use, and comprehensive features make it an indispensable tool in your airsoft arsenal.

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