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Vogbel 51″ Bow and Arrow Set

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Designed for right-handed users, featuring a durable aluminium alloy handle and strong fibreglass limbs. This easy-to-assemble bow comes with all necessary accessories, including mixed carbon arrows, making it perfect for outdoor competitions and training sessions.

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Vogbel 51″ Bow and Arrow Set

The Vogbel 51″ Bow and Arrow Set is designed exclusively for right-handed users. This set features a high-quality takedown recurve bow with a robust aluminium alloy handle and powerful fibreglass limbs tailored for novice and experienced archers. Ideal for competition, hunting training, and target practice, this bow kit offers everything needed to start shooting immediately.

High-Quality Construction

Bow Specifications:

  • Type: Takedown Recurve
  • Length: 51 inches
  • Material: Aluminum alloy handle, fiberglass limbs
  • Design: Ergonomic, suitable for right-handed users

The Vogbel bow is crafted with high-strength materials that ensure durability and performance. The aluminium alloy handle is designed for a comfortable grip, while the fibreglass limbs provide the power needed for a precise and forceful shot.

User-Friendly Design

This recurve bow is designed for ease of use, especially for right-handed archers. The bow riser is held in the left hand, allowing the right hand to pull the string effectively while aiming with the right eye for perfect accuracy. Its ease of assembly and disassembly makes it an excellent choice for archers who value convenience and portability.

Comprehensive Archery Kit

The Vogbel bow and arrow set comes fully equipped with all the essentials to begin your archery journey:

  • 1 Riser (with arrow rest)
  • 2 Bow Limbs
  • 1 Bow Sight: Helps improve accuracy.
  • 1 Arrow Rest: Stabilizes the arrow before release.
  • 2 Bow Strings
  • 1 Arm Guard: Protects your forearm.
  • 1 Finger Guard: Keeps your fingers safe from the string.
  • 1 Arrow Quiver: Conveniently holds up to 12 arrows.
  • 12 Mixed Carbon Arrows: Durable and suitable for various uses.

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