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Heavyweight BBs ensure a stable flight and impactful hits, even in challenging conditions. Manufactured to the highest standards with a precise 5.95mm diameter and triple-polished for smoothness, they offer consistency and reliability for elite gameplay.

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Vorsk Airsoft BBs 0.43g 1100

Vorsk Airsoft BBs 0.43g 1100. designed specifically for snipers and precision shooters. These heavyweight BBs are manufactured in Taiwan, adhering to the most rigorous standards to guarantee exceptional performance and reliability in every shot.

Precision Engineering for Flawless Performance

Vorsk BBs stand out in the market with a precise diameter of 5.95mm and a strict production variance of only ±0.01mm, ensuring they are among the most consistent BBs available. This precision, coupled with a triple-polishing process, results in BBs that glide through the air with minimal drag and deviation, delivering shots that hit your target with astonishing accuracy.

Optimal Choice for the Elite Shooter

These BBs are tailored for sniper rifles and high-end, upgraded Airsoft guns, including DMRs, where precision is paramount. The 0.43g weight ensures stability in flight, making them less susceptible to interference from environmental factors like wind and foliage. This weight also ensures that your shots significantly impact targets, which is crucial for marksmen who need their hits to be both felt and acknowledged.

Convenience and Quality in Packaging

Vorsk offers these BBs in 500 and 1100-round bottles, catering to different needs and play styles. Whether you prefer a compact size for easy in-game carrying or a larger quantity for extended play, these options have you covered. Each bottle is foil-sealed to maintain freshness and comes with a large, easy-to-grip screw top lid for hassle-free access, even with gloves on.

Elevating Your Game

The 0.43g BBs are not just ammunition; they are a tool for the skilled player to push their limits further. Suited for outdoor gameplay and optimized for bolt action and semi-auto rifles, these BBs allow you to reach out and touch targets at impressive distances, enhancing your role as a marksman in the field.

Key Features

  • Heavyweight Design: 0.43g for enhanced flight stability and impact.
  • Precision Made: 5.95mm diameter with a ±0.01mm tolerance for unmatched consistency.
  • Triple Polished: For superior flight and accuracy.
  • Eco Packaging: Foil-sealed bottles for freshness, available in 500 and 1100 quantities.
  • Ideal for: Sniper rifles and high-end Airsoft guns, particularly in outdoor and sniper roles.
  • Quality Assured: Rigorously tested by VORSK for peak performance.

Transform your precision shooting with Vorsk Airsoft BBs 0.43g, where every shot counts and every hit is a testament to your skill.

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