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Specially formulated for GBB SMGs and bolt-action rifles. This high-power airsoft gas enhances FPS and recoil, provides maintenance to your replica, and is eco-friendly, setting a new standard for airsoft gameplay.

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VORSK GBB Fuel V12 600ml

VORSK GBB Fuel V12 600ml, the pinnacle of high-power airsoft gas designed for the most demanding GBB SMGs and bolt-action rifles. As the creators behind the rapidly evolving VORSK GBB Airsoft brand, the VORSK team brings their expert knowledge of gas airflow mechanics and performance to develop their premium range of airsoft gas. The V12 results from meticulous in-house formulation to achieve the perfect shot consistency and gas efficiency balance.

A New Benchmark in Airsoft Gas Performance

The VORSK GBB Fuel V12 is not just an airsoft gas; it’s a high-performance fuel that propels full-metal GBB airsoft replicas to peak performance. Formulated with a propane base, enhanced with silicone lubricants and treatment additives, the V12 is designed to deliver enhanced FPS and recoil, ensuring every shot is as powerful and precise as the first.

Why VORSK GBB Fuel V12 Stands Out?

  • Hi-Power Airsoft Gas: Optimized for GBB SMGs and bolt-action rifles, offering the high power needed for elite performance.
  • GBB Specialists: Developed alongside VORSK airsoft replicas, ensuring perfect compatibility and enhanced performance.
  • Peak Performance: Propane-based with trace additives for Tier-1 performance, maximizing FPS and recoil.
  • Maintenance and Protection: Silicone oil lubricant is included to treat perishable O-rings and seals while improving metal-on-metal performance.
  • Eco-Friendly: It is free from Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), making it a responsible choice for both players and the environment.

Elevate Your Game with VORSK

With VORSK GBB Fuel V12, your airsoft game will never be the same. This high-power airsoft gas ensures that your full-metal GBB replicas perform at their best, shot after shot, maintaining their performance and prolonging their lifespan. Whether in the heat of competition or honing your skills, the VORSK GBB Fuel V12 is your fuel of choice for unmatched airsoft performance.

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