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Vorsk Precision BBs 0.28g 1kg

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Engineered for excellence with a strict manufacturing tolerance and triple-polished for enhanced flight performance, these BBs ensure accuracy and reliability in every shot.

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Vorsk Precision BBs 0.28g 1kg

Vorsk Precision BBs 0.28g set a new benchmark in airsoft ammunition with a pack that contains 1kg rounds, ensuring that your gameplay is not only sustained but also enhanced by superior quality. These BBs are crafted to meet the highest standards, embodying the pinnacle of performance for serious airsoft enthusiasts.

Why Vorsk Precision BBs Stand Out:

  • Optimal Flight Performance: Utilizing advanced precision molding techniques and continuous, rigorous quality control, Vorsk BBs are engineered for exceptional flight performance, ensuring accuracy with every shot.
  • Versatile Range for Every Player: Offering a wide selection from 0.20g to 0.43g, Vorsk caters to all preferences and needs, including standard, bio-degradable, and tracer BB variants, providing over 90 options within their range.
  • Tier 1 Shot Performance: Manufactured with a diameter of 5.95mm and a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm, these BBs fit perfectly in tightbore barrels, enhancing shot-by-shot accuracy and minimizing feeding issues.
  • Triple Polished for Excellence: Each BB undergoes a triple polishing process, significantly enhancing flight performance and providing better accuracy, making every round count.
  • Resealable for Convenience: The 1KG BB bags are designed with resealability in mind, ensuring that your BBs remain safe, fresh, and ready for action whenever you need them.

Key Features at a Glance:

  1. Precision Engineered: 0.28g BBs for a perfect balance of performance and versatility.
  2. High-Quality Manufacturing: Strict tolerance and continuous quality checks for reliability.
  3. Triple Polished: Superior smoothness and accuracy in flight.
  4. Wide Selection: Over 90 variants to suit all playing styles and preferences.
  5. Resealable Packaging: Convenient storage and preservation of quality.

Package Includes: Vorsk Precision BBs 0.28g, a comprehensive pack of 1kg rounds, offering airsoft players top-tier ammunition designed for precision, performance, and ease of use.


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