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Wireless Intercom Walkie-Talkie

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This system is ideal for airsoft players who require quick and clear coordination. It features customizable channels, multiple volume settings, and a convenient charging base, ensuring you stay connected with your team. Portable and durable, it’s equipped to handle the demands of any airsoft scenario.

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Wireless Intercom Walkie-Talkie

The Wireless Intercom Walkie-Talkie is a highly versatile communication tool designed for caregivers and home use and perfectly adapted for airsoft players who need reliable, instant communication in the field. With its portable design and customizable settings, this intercom system facilitates effective coordination and support in various scenarios, including intense gaming environments.

Key Features

  1. Caregiver Intercom Functionality: Originally designed for caregivers to assist patients, this feature allows users to communicate promptly without needing to be in the same room—ideal for airsoft players who need constant contact.
  2. Customizable Settings: This intercom system boasts 16 channels and four adjustable volume levels (60dB to 115dB), ensuring clear sound quality tailored to different environments and needs.
  3. Convenient Charging Base: The included base stations simplify the charging process. To recharge, simply place the intercom on the base, ensuring your device is always ready for use.
  4. Portable Design: Each unit has a sturdy clip that can be attached to a shirt pocket, collar, or pants pocket. This feature makes the intercom easy to carry and protects it from accidental drops.
  5. Usage Tips: To maximize efficiency, it is recommended that the intercom be charged for at least 6 hours initially and that channel settings be coordinated among team members for seamless communication.


  • Channels: 16 adjustable channels
  • Volume Levels: 4 settings (60dB, 80dB, 100dB, 115dB)
  • Charging: Includes two charging bases and USB cables
  • Portability: Equipped with durable clips for easy attachment
  • Pack Contents: 2 Intercoms, 2 USB Cables, 2 Charging Stations, 1 Manual (Note: Charge adapter not included)

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