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WTACTFUL Full Finger Airsoft Gloves Price: £13.59£16.99 (as of 28/05/2024 07:00 PST- Details)

Designed for airsoft players and outdoor adventurers alike. Featuring impact-resistant Thermoplastic Rubber guards, padded palms for shock absorption, and a durable hook and loop cuff design. These gloves offer enhanced protection and versatility.

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WTACTFUL Full Finger Airsoft Gloves

The WTACTFUL Full Finger Airsoft Gloves are a robust and versatile accessory designed specifically for airsoft enthusiasts who also engage in a range of outdoor activities. These gloves offer superior protection and enhanced durability, making them ideal for everything from airsoft and hunting to motorcycling and heavy industry tasks.

Robust Protection Features

  • Thermoplastic Rubber Guard: These gloves are equipped with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) guards that provide excellent impact protection, safeguarding your hands from bumps and abrasions during intense activities.
  • Padded Palm Padding: The palms feature specially designed padding that absorbs and dissipates impact energy, reducing fatigue and increasing grip comfort and control.

Design and Functionality

  • Nylon Loop: Each glove includes a nylon loop for convenient storage. This loop allows you to securely attach your gloves to your gear or pack when not in use.
  • Improved Hook and Loop Cuff Style: The gloves’ cuffs have been updated for increased durability and a better fit, ensuring they stay in place and protect you effectively throughout any activity.

Versatility for Multiple Activities

Designed not only for airsoft but also suitable for a wide range of physical tasks, these gloves are an excellent choice for:

  • Climbing, hunting, and camping: Offering the ruggedness needed for rough terrains and environments.
  • Motorcycle and bicycle riding: Providing the grip and hand protection for handling bars and controls.
  • Heavy industry work: Capable of withstanding the rigours of labour-intensive tasks such as lumbering.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Durable fabric with Thermoplastic Rubber for impact protection.
  • Features: Padded palms, improved hook and loop cuffs, and a nylon storage loop.
  • Applications: Suitable for airsoft, outdoor sports, and industrial work.
  • Maintenance: Easy care and maintenance for long-term usability.

Concluding Assurance

The WTACTFUL Full Finger Airsoft Gloves are built to support a broad spectrum of high-impact activities, ensuring both safety and comfort. Their multifunctional design makes them essential to any outdoor or work-related gear.

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