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WTACTFUL Touch Screen Airsoft Full Finger Gloves Price: £13.59£16.99 (as of 28/05/2024 07:00 PST- Details)

The ultimate choice for airsoft players and outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring breathable stretch nylon, palm reinforcement for maximum protection, and touchscreen fingertips for easy device usage. Secure and adjustable wrist straps.

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WTACTFUL Touch Screen Airsoft Full Finger Gloves

WTACTFUL Touch Screen Airsoft Full Finger Gloves is explicitly designed for airsoft players and outdoor enthusiasts who demand protection and dexterity. These gloves from WTACTFUL offer robust protection, ensure comfort, and a responsive touch interface for multitasking during intense activities.

Advanced Material and Design

  • Breathable Stretch Nylon Material: The gloves are crafted with breathable stretch nylon, ensuring comfortability and a fast-drying feature. This material keeps your hands cool and dry, making the gloves ideal for extended use in dynamic environments.
  • Design of Breath Holes: Additional breath holes covering various parts of the glove enhance ventilation further, aiding in moisture management and increased comfort during high-exertion activities.

Enhanced Protection and Comfort

  • Palm Reinforcement: The palm areas are reinforced with a rubber-thickened mat guard, offering superior protection against impacts and abrasions. This is crucial for handling airsoft equipment or engaging in physical outdoor tasks.
  • Secure Wrist Straps: Durable wrist straps ensure a secure and adjustable fit, allowing for easy customization. The wrist adjustment design also aids in quick application and removal, enhancing convenience and fit.

Touchscreen Capability

  • Responsive Touchscreen Functionality: Equipped with touch-capable materials on the fingertips, these gloves allow you to operate touchscreen devices without removing them, perfect for using mobile phones, GPS devices, or other touchscreen equipment during activities.

Versatility in Use

  • Multi-Sport Performance: Ideal for various sports and outdoor activities, these gloves excel in airsoft, cycling, motorcycling, hiking, and more. Their robust construction suits them for demanding work environments like lumbering and heavy industry.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: High-quality, breathable stretch nylon with rubber palm reinforcement.
  • Features: Breath holes for increased ventilation, durable wrist straps for a secure fit, and touchscreen-compatible fingertips.
  • Suitable For: Airsoft, riding, cycling, motorcycling, hiking, and industrial work.

Concluding Assurance

The WTACTFUL Touch Screen Airsoft Full Finger Gloves are a testament to superior design and functionality, offering unparalleled protection, comfort, and versatility for airsoft players and all-around outdoor adventurers. Trust these gloves to keep you protected, connected, and in control.

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