X-Shot Skins Last Stand Apocalypse Dart Blaster

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Features a 14-dart auto-rotating barrel, hits targets up to 90 feet away, and includes 16 advanced darts for superior performance.

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X-Shot Skins Last Stand Apocalypse Dart Blaster

The X-Shot Skins Last Stand Apocalypse Dart Blaster lets you personalise your gameplay with four unique skins, leveraging cutting-edge printing technology to bring the in-game experience of skinning your blaster to real-world battles.

Superior Firing Power

The Last Stand is the largest blaster in the X-Shot Skins range, designed to hit multiple targets up to 27 metres (90 feet) away. This robust blaster ensures you can dominate any battle with ease. Its impressive range and power make it a formidable tool on the battlefield.

High Dart Capacity for Continuous Action

Equipped with a 14-dart capacity auto-rotating barrel, the X-Shot Skins Last Stand lets you unleash all 14 darts in rapid succession thanks to its easy-to-prime and slam-fire mechanism. This feature ensures you stay in the game longer without frequent reloading, keeping you ahead of your opponents.

Advanced Air Pocket Technology Darts

The blaster includes 16 Air Pocket Technology darts. These darts are designed to offer further, faster, and more accurate shots, enhancing your performance in every battle. The innovative technology ensures that each dart flies true to its target, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Versatile and Customisable

The X-Shot Skins Last Stand isn’t just about performance and style and personalisation. Choose from four unique skins to match your battle persona. Additionally, the blaster includes a tactical grip and rail, allowing you to add accessories and customise your setup further.

Pack Inclusions:

  • 1x X-Shot Skins Last Stand Blaster
  • 16x Air Pocket Technology Foam Darts

Key Features:

  • Choose Your Skin: Customise with four unique skins.
  • Firing Power: Hits targets up to 27 metres (90 feet) away.
  • Dart Capacity: 14-dart auto-rotating barrel for continuous action.
  • Advanced Darts: Includes 16 Air Pocket Technology darts for superior performance.
  • Customisable: Tactical grip and rail for accessory attachments.

Safety and Usage Tips

  • Suitable for ages eight and up.
  • Always use the blasters with original XSHOT darts to ensure safety and performance.
  • Avoid aiming at the eyes or face to prevent injury.

With the X-Shot Skins Last Stand Apocalypse Dart Blaster, you can bring your unique style to the battlefield and dominate with superior firepower and precision.


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