XSHOT Excel Turbo Combo Pack

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Featuring the Turbo Fire, Xcess, and Reflex 6 blasters. Enjoy rapid fire, double-barrel action, and quick draw capabilities, all with award-winning darts for superior range and accuracy.

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XSHOT Excel Turbo Combo Pack

Experience the ultimate dart blaster technology with the XSHOT Excel Turbo Combo Pack. This all-in-one pack features three powerful blasters—Turbo Fire, Xcess, and Reflex 6—each designed to give you a tactical advantage in any dart battle.

Turbo Fire: Maximum Rapid-Fire Action

The Turbo Fire blaster is a beast with a 20-dart capacity. It features a Slam Fire option, allowing you to unleash all 20 darts in rapid succession, overwhelming your opponents in seconds. The incorporated pop-up sight helps you take out targets up to 90 feet away with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you need rapid fire for close encounters or precision shots for distant targets, Turbo Fire has you covered.

Xcess: Double-Barrel Dominance

The Xcess blaster has a unique double-barrel design, each barrel holding 12 darts. This rotating barrel mechanism ensures continuous action. When you run out of darts in one barrel, switch to the other and keep firing without missing a beat. The pull-to-prime mechanism provides quick and easy loading, ensuring you’re always ready to fire.

Reflex 6: Quick Draw and Fire

The Reflex 6 blaster features a rotating barrel that holds six darts. This compact blaster is perfect for quick draw and rapid-fire situations, allowing you to shoot all six darts in seconds. With a range of over 90 feet, the Reflex 6 combines speed and power in a compact design, making it an excellent secondary blaster in any battle.

Award-Winning Darts

All blasters in the Turbo Combo Pack use XSHOT’s award-winning aerodynamic darts. These darts have been recognised for their superior range and accuracy, winning the Dart-Range Award for their exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  • Turbo Fire:
    • Slam Fire action to release 20 darts rapidly
    • Pop-up sight for accuracy up to 90 feet
  • Xcess:
    • Double-barrel design with 12 darts each
    • Rotating barrels for continuous action
  • Reflex 6:
    • Rotating 6-dart barrel
    • Quick-fire capability with a range of 90 feet
  • Aerodynamic Darts:
    • Award-winning design for enhanced range and accuracy
  • XSHOT Promise:
    • Commitment to unbeatable value, quality, and design excellence

Safety and Usage Tips

  • Suitable for ages eight and up.
  • Always use the blasters with original XSHOT darts to ensure safety and performance.
  • Avoid aiming at the eyes or face to prevent injury.

With the XSHOT Excel Turbo Combo Pack, you have all the tools you need to dominate any dart battle. From rapid-fire engagements to precision shots, this pack provides versatility and power in every encounter.


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