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YIMORE Kids Bow and Arrow Set

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With its luminous LED bow and suction-cup arrows, this set provides a fantastic way for children to learn archery safely. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s designed to inspire active play and skill development.

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YIMORE Kids Bow and Arrow Set

The YIMORE Kids Bow and Arrow Set is a vibrant and user-friendly introduction to archery designed to captivate and entertain young aspiring archers. Featuring an LED-lit bow that illuminates the fun, this set is perfect for indoor and outdoor play, providing a safe, engaging, and educational experience for kids who love active play.

Key Features:

  • Easy Assembly: A simple setup with an adjustable string is required for ease of use and comfort.
  • Safety First: Arrows with suction cups ensure a safe play environment by adhering to the target without injury.
  • Luminous Bow: The bow lights up with LED lights, adding an exciting visual element that enhances the play experience, especially in dim environments.
  • Role-Playing Fun: Ideal for children who enjoy imaginative play, allowing them to embody their favourite action heroes.
  • Archery Training: This set is not just about play but also skill development. It helps children practice their archery skills, improving hand-eye coordination and focus.

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