Walkon Paintball Games in Yorkshire

Walkon Paintball Games

YPC Walkon Days

Walkon Paintball Games are the next step in learning how to play paintball. If you have played paintball a few times and bought your own paintball gun and equipment then it’s time to try out what is known as a Paintball Walkon. A Paintball Walkon is an event where you can only play if you have your own equipment. That way you are playing against other people at the same standard or higher. That’s the way to learn.

We hold our Walkon Paintball Games on the last Sunday of every month. They are full day events starting at 9am (First game 10am) and finishing at 4pm. During that time we play as many games as we can, usually between 10 and 20 games.

Our Walkon Paintball Games are run like a club. Everyone is very friendly and will make you most welcome if you have not played a Paintball Walkon before. Staff are on hand to help you set up your equipment if you need help, or just mingle, there will be plenty of people there who will be only too pleased to make you welcome.

The games we play tend to be a bit more scenario based than a standard capture the flag game, so there are usually multiple objectives and the games can last longer than normal. Each game is designed to test your skill and develope you as a player. We don’t allow high rates of fire, so don’t worry about being over shot. All players who play our walkons are very respectful of each other.

YPC Walkons Crimbogeddon

If you would like to know more about our monthly Walkon Paintball Games, then drop us a line and we can go through everything with you. We can even show you the best place to buy your paintball equipment from.

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