Worlds biggest paintball bridge

Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge

The centre piece of the Yorkshire Paintball Centre is the Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge. Over 100m long and standing 13m high, the YPC bridge is the largest purpose build paintball bridge in the world.

We play the standard, two flag game in the bridge map, this is a tribute to the first ever game of paintball, played in the late 1970’s in the US. You attack the opposing teams base, steal their flag, and then take it back to your base. The returning flag must be taken over the bridge and back to your base to win. Probably the best paintball field in the UK. Only the best attacking teams win this one!!

During your paintball event you will get the opportunity to play on this awesome structure. This map is a favourite among players, we sometimes even take junior paintball groups on the bridge.

This is a tough game as any team taking the bridge early on has a very good advantage due to the height above the ground. To take the bridge if it is heavily guarded, you need some very accuare shooting. We think this is the best paintball game map in the UK.

If you are on a birthday party or stag do and you are playing paintball. This is the map you need to play. Here is a link to our paintball games.

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