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Book Kids Laser Tag (12 Players)

From: £150.00

Kids Laser Tag is £150 for up to 12 players. (£12.50 each). (10% Discount for 10am slot)
There is no maximum number of players.
All players must be school year 1 and above.

Please see below links to PDF’s you may find useful.
Kids Laser Tag Party Invitations

Book kids laser tagKids Laser Tag

The electrifying, neon-soaked escapade will excite your little space cadets! This high-energy, futuristic game equips your young adventurers with cutting-edge, lightweight laser blasters, perfect for their tiny hands and big imaginations.

Watch as they embark on an intergalactic mission, zapping their way through an immersive woodland village, capturing territory and searching for hidden treasure. Strategising and teamwork take centre stage as players dodge, duck, and outsmart their opponents to emerge victorious.
So gather your mini space troopers and prepare for a cosmic adventure! “Kids Laser Tag” guarantees the most stellar, action-packed experience your little stars have ever had. Three, two, one… LASER ON!
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