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Yorkshire Paintball CentreYorkshire Paintball Centre

Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre
The Yorkshire Paintball Centre, Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby, YO8 5SW is based between Leeds, York and Selby just off the A19. We are the biggest paintball centre in Yorkshire and also offer other outdoor activities. We are only 30 minutes from Leeds, Harrogate and Doncaster and only 15 minutes from York.
Our game zones have made us famous throughout the UK and our massive bridge is the worlds biggest purpose built paintball bridge and is the main site feature. We opened in 1988 and have been offering action packed adventure days ever since.

Adult Paintball Games.
For ages 12+.
Paintball is a challenging and exciting game played in our purpose built and award winning game zones. During your day you will play on the worlds biggest paintball bridge, play "The Airfield" which has a read downed aeroplane in the middle as well as other superb games. We have been hosting paintball events since 1988 and now use the brand new Paintball 2.0 guns and equipment. Adult paintball is a half day event from 12pm to 4pm. The basic entry is £10 per person which includes all equipment needed to play but no paintballs. Paintballs on the day are £7.50 per 100 or £35 for 500. There are also discount packages which are available by booking online only. If you call to book, we do require a minimum of £10 deposit per person on booking to secure your places.

Junior Paintball
Junior paintball is exactly what it says. It's a specially designed event for 10-12 years. We turn the paintball guns down a little and play in smaller game zones. It's a 1.5hr session which includes 300 paintballs per player. The minimum group size is 8 and it's £20 per player.

Lazer Blaster
Lazer Blaster is an alternative to paintball and is perfect for younger players. It is played in our purpose built village which has 27 buildings, in around 2 acres of woodland. Each player is armed with a high power infa red firing lazer blaster which can fire up to half a mile. Each player gets 10 lives per game and we usually have time for 4 team games and an every man for themselves game at the end. Laser Blaster lasts for 1hr and is £120 for up to 12 players, then £9 per player there after. Laser Blaster can be played by anyone from 8 Years and lasts for 1hr.

Airsoft is similar to paintball but instead of shooting paint, these realistic looking guns shoot plastic pellets instead. Played in exactly the same game zones as the paintball, Airsoft games are based on objectives rather than eliminations. So players re spawn throughout the games and at the end of the game the team with the most objectives achieved wins. Each player has a choice of shotgun or fully automatic assault rifle. We include the first 1000 pellets per player which is usually enough for the entire session. Airsoft is £25 per player (Inc 1000 pellets) and lasts for 1.5 hrs. There is a minimum number of 8 players to participate.

Battle Zone Archery
This is brand new and we are one of the first centres in the UK to offer this unique game. You are armed with a real bow and shoot real arrows at each other. Of course the arrows have soft ends which means the game is completely safe and great fun. We divide players into two teams and then it's "Hunger Games" for real. If you are eliminated (Hit by an arrow), then you enter a dead box. If your team manages to shoot one of the oppositions crystal skulls, then you come back into the game. We play Battle Zone Archery in the woods in our village game zone. Battle Zone Archery sessions last for 1.5hrs and it's £20 per player. Minimum age is 12 and minimum group size is 8 players.

Nerf Wars
Lock and Load!!!. Our Nerf Wars event is the ideal party for anyone over the age of 8 years. Shoot an unlimited supply of soft Nerf Darts at the opposing team in our purpose built Nerf Arena. Nerf Wars last for 1hr and its £120 for up to 12 players, then £9 per player there after. Nerf Wars last for 1hr. We have a party room attached to the Nerf Arena which is FREE to use for that after war party!!

Not just a Paintball Centre
As you can see, we now offer a number of fun and exciting outdoor activities. If you would like any further information on any of our activities, please feel free to give us a call on 01757 289322.

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