Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Set up in 1988 and winner of the UK Scenario "Best Site" award in 2011, The Yorkshire Paintball Centre is home to the Paintball Predator and the Worlds biggest purpose built Paintball bridge. We have hosted literally 1000's of paintball events over the last 25 years and have become known as one of the top Paintball Centres in Europe.


We were the first people to put characters into our paintball games. This started in 1992 with the introduction of the Predator. We've evolved from there though, through the Storm Trooper, Alien Sniper until now where you are very likely to meet the "Swamp Monster", a 7ft walking bush.

The Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge.

Standing over 50 feet high and well over 300 feet long, the bridge at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre is bigger than any other paintball bridge in the world. We play our standard capture the flag paintball game on the bridge. Always a hit with the players and people travel the length and bredth of the UK just to say they have survived the YPC Bridge.

Paintball Games
12 Years +

Voted Paintball Site of the Year in 2011 by UK's best players. Home of the original paintball predator and with the worlds biggest paintball bridge. You can play adult paintball games at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre from 12 years old.

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Junior Paintball games at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre
Junior Paintball Games
8 Years +

Not quite 12 yet, then choose our "Splatmaster" or Junior version of our paintball games. Junior paintball is for 10 - 12 years and Splatmaster is for 8 - 10 years. Both versions use the same great game zones as the adult version.

Airsoft at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre
Airsoft activities
12 Years +

Something a bit different. Airsoft uses very small plastic balls instead of paintballs and the fully automatic machine guns are very realistic. Choose from a G36 or an M4, you also get 1000 rounds of ammo.

Laser paintball games
Laser Blaster, the alternative to paintball

The perfect introduction to outdoor shooting games. No projectiles involved, only a high powered infa red beam of light. The laser guns have a range of up to 500m. Great fun from 8 years.

21st Century Paintball Games at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Yorkshire Paintball Centres 21st Century paintball games.
In the past, some people have been put off playing Paintball because of some of the bruising that WAS traditionally associated with being shot with a paintball. At the Yorkshire Paintball Centre, we have changed all that. We've completely converted the centre to the new paintball standard. New Paintball 2.0 uses a smaller paintball which hits with one third of the energy of a standard old fashioned paintball. Because of this low impact, we can increase the velocity of the guns, making them shoot further and more accurately, but hitting with a vastly reduced force. This means that even kids as young as 10 can now play paintball and won't go home with the injuries traditionally associated with (and still associated with at some venues) paintballing.

21st Century Paintball Games

So what is Paintball 2.0 and how does it benefit you.
Paintball 2.0 is the most important change to paintball in the last 25 years. It brings paintball squarely into the 21st century. The paintballs fire at a much higher velocity, they go further than traditional paintballs (So you can shoot people further away), they are more accurate and they hit with only a fraction of the energy compared to a standard paintball used elsewhere.

So what does this mean to you as a player at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre. More accurate shots over a longer distance really enhance the game, no more paintballs winging off all over the place causing frustration. This accuracy and distance is achieved through a higher velocity than a standard paintball. The new Paintball 2.0 hits with around 1/3 of the energy of a standard paintball. This means it doesn't hurt as much as traditional paintball and certainly doesn't leave the bruises that you may have seen players with in the past. New Paintball 2.0 opens up the game to people who have been reluctant to play, including younger players (We have a version of paintball 2.0 for 10-12 year olds where we set the guns at a lower velocity) and women. In fact over the last couple of months, we have seen the number of female players increase dramatically.
Yorkshire Paintball Centre, Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby YO8 5SW. Telephone 01757 289322

All of this is achieved in a very very simple way.......The paintball is simply smaller.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre News

 YPC Bridge, floodlit specially for two major UK events

We've floodlit the YPC bridge ready for Armogeddon 7 Paintball Scenario game and NAM which is a scenario Airsoft game. The YPC bridge is the worlds biggest purpose build paintball bridge, standing over 300 feet long. Do you get to play on the bridge when you visit us.....Yes you do.

Yorkshire Paintball centre bridge floodlit


Ultimate Woodsball League comes to YPC
The Yorkshire Paintball Centre has been selected as one of only two UK venues to host the new Ultimate Woodsball League competition. YPC along with Campaign Paintball Park in Surrey will play host to this brand new UK event, already huge in the US.
This is a great opportunity for us to show off the award winning facilities at YPC and we're looking forward to this new event.

Ultimate Paintball woodsball league comes to YPC



Andy Sables on TV

paintball tv show


This is a still shot of Andy on the new Paintball TV Show which is currently in production. It's a magazine style show, all about paintball in the UK and across the world. The first episode is to be aired on Saturday the 20th October 2012 at 9:30pm, on SKY. Check out the show for a full review of the Yorkshire Paintball Centre.


YPC Owner leads 400 players at UK’s biggest game
When the organisers of the UK’s biggest paintball game of 2012 needed a General to lead 400 players, they called on Andy Sables from YPC. The game played at Sennybridge Army Training Town in the middle of the Breacon Beacons in mid Wales is the UK’s biggest and most spectacular paintball game and was the worlds longest running game, a full 54 hours. The game started at 10am on Friday morning and ended at 4pm on Sunday afternoon, playing for a full 3 days and 2 nights.

Sennybridge paintball picture 1 Sennybridge paintball picture 2 Sennybridge paintball picture 3

During the night parts of the game, there were burning tanks, huge flairs and massive pyrotechnic explosions. It’s experiences like this and the idea’s brought back that makes the Yorkshire Paintball Centre what it is today. Yorkshire Paintball Centre is run by players (Some of the best in the UK) who’s main goal is to give you the best experience possible. We do it because we love playing as well.

Sennybridge paintball picture 4 Sennybridge paintball picture 5 Sennybridge paintball picture 6

Andy winning paintball award


Voted Best Site of the Year 2011
Yorkshire Paintball Centre was voted “Best Scenario Site” 2011. This award was given to us at the prestigious paintball industry awards held in Birmingham every year. Al Murray was also voted “General of the Year” for his roll in the Yorkshire Paintball Centre’s “Chocolate Factory game held in April”.
This award means so much to us as it’s voted for by the UK’s top paintball players. A huge achievement that we will strive to emulate in 2012.

Worlds biggest paintball bridge


Going that one step further to give you the best day possible

1) UKPSF Accredited
– The top award given to a UK Paintball centre by UK Paintballs Governing Body.
2) UKPSF Trained Marshals – We were part of the team who developed the UKPSF Marshal Programme.
3) The UK’s best paintball Maps – See the above award. We also have the worlds “Biggest” purpose built bridge. Have a look at the Video’s section of this website, specifically the “Armogeddon” game which is considered to be the most intense 7 minutes of paintball the UK has ever seen.
4) Long Established - We have been offering paintball since 1988 and are one of the oldest established Paintball Centres in the UK.

Paintball Marshals at the York Paintball Centre


Stepping Even Further!!

Guns Checked between EVERY Game
One of our marshals has one job and one job only. That is, between every game, he checks every single gun, ensuring it’s clean and perfect in every way. Only when he is 100% happy with a gun, will he place it onto the gun racks, ready for your next game. We are the ONLY paintball centre in the UK to go this far, to make sure your day is the best possible.

Goggles Checks EVERY day
We check every single pair of goggles, every day before they go out to you the player. We will not compromise on safety or your playing enjoyment.

Dedicated Host Marshal.
From the minute you walk through the entrance at YPC, until you leave exhausted at the end of the day, you will be looked after by our dedicated “Safe Area” marshal. He has one job during your day, and that’s to look after your every need. This “Host” marshal will be in the safe area to answer any questions that you may have, offer tips and help on playing, make sure you are ready for the next game. In fact he is at your disposal for the entire day. 

World record paintball


Guinness World Record Set At YPC
In June 2011, we set the World Record for the “Longest Paintball Shot”. The shot was 75.143m and achieved at the Armogeddon weekend by Chris Charnley
Have a look in the “Video’s” section of this website for a video of the record.

Well done Chris!!

United Kingdom paintball sports federation


UK Paintball Sports Federation 
We are accredited members of the UKPSF (United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation), paintballs governing body assuring you of the highest standards at all times. The UKPSF is there to make sure that all UK paintball sites meet a minimum standard. This is a condition of membership. We have the UKPSF “Accredited” status, which means that we go above and beyond the criteria for standard membership.

Members of the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation

We were one of the first accredited members of the UKPSF (United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation). The governing body of paintball in the UK.  Making sure you get the highest standards at all times. The UKPSF was set up to raise the standard of paintball centres across the UK.  Accredited status means that we have achieved the highest standard available on any paintball centre in the UK.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre game zones

We have always called them games, now everyone calls them maps. Our Yorkshire paintball Centre maps are widely aknowledged as being the best in the UK. Please have a look in the gallery for photo’s. That bridge is the biggest in the world. We play games in our huge 10,000 sq ft bunker system.  Other games include storming the embassay, disable the radar, or wiping out the opposition in our Beirut game. If you play tournament paintball, we have a millenium sized, astro turf tournament field. If you would like to pop down for a look around, please feel free, just give us a call on 01757 289322 and we’ll arrange it.

Paintball Stag and Hen Parties in York, in association with Tokyo Nightclub.

We are delighted to have teamed up with the Tokyo Nightclub in York to offer Stag and Hen parties something really special. With our special stag or hen do package, you will get entry including 500 paintballs, then entry to Tokyo nightclub, your own private booth and a bottle of champagne.

Paintball in the heart of Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Paintball Centre is situated right in the heart of Yorkshire in the centre of the triangle of York, Leeds and Selby. We are only a 6 mile taxi ride from the middle of York, just off the A19