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Paintball in Yorkshire - Leeds, York, Selby, Harrogate and Doncaster
The Yorkshire Paintball Centre, Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby, YO8 8BE is based between Leeds, York and Selby just off the A19. We are the biggest paintball centre in Yorkshire. We are only 30 minutes from Leeds, Harrogate and Doncaster and only 15 minutes from York.
Our game zones have made us famous throughout the UK and our massive bridge is the worlds biggest purpose built paintball bridge and is the main site feature. During your day, you will play at least two battles on the bridge. In 1992 we introduced the Paintball Predator, an awesome 7ft monster that will make a visit during your day.

The Paintball Predator
The Yorkshire Paintball Centre became the first paintball centre in the UK to put the Predator into a paintball game. We've been copied a few times now, some other centres even claiming to have invented it themselves, a compliment I suppose!!.
We have changed our main monster from the Predator, to the Storm Trooper, to the Alien Sniper and now for 2015 is the Swamp Monster. A 7ft tall walking bush. We've even had players hide behind him, completely oblivious to their potential danger.
Our paintball characters are what sets us apart from other paintball venues. Come along and see if you feel confident about taking them on!!

Worlds biggest paintball bridge
If you book your day at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre, we have something rather special for you to play on and around.
Two of the games during your day will be played in the "Bridge" field. This has at it's centre, the worlds biggest paintball bridge. It stands at over 50ft tall and well over 300 feet long. We've been in touch with paintball media in the USA (The home of big paintball structures) and they have not heard of a bridge bigger.
We play a standard two flag game on the bridge field, that was the first paintball ever played many years ago. We thought it fitting to play the worlds first paintball game on the worlds biggest bridge.
Not for you if you are afraid of heights!!

UK Paintball Awards "Best Site Award"
Every year at the annual "Uk Paintball Awards" dinner, a paintball centre is voted "Best Site" by Pro Paintball Players. The Yorkshire Paintball Centre is one of only 3 paintball centres to win this prestigeous award. It's the highest honour that can be given to a UK Paintball centre as it's recognition by the best players in the UK. We are very proud to be one of the three best centres in the UK. The other award winners are NPF in Birmingham and Campaign Paintball Park in Surrey.

Going that one step further to give you the best day possible
1) UK Paintball Awards "Best Site Award" – The top award given to a UK Paintball centre by Pro Players.
2) UKPSF Trained Marshals – We were part of the team who developed the UKPSF Marshal Training Programme.
3) The UK’s best paintball Maps – See the above award. We also have the worlds “Biggest” purpose built bridge. Have a look at the Video’s section of this website, specifically the “Armogeddon” game which is considered to be the most intense 7 minutes of paintball the UK has ever seen.
4) Long Established - Paintball has been played in Escrick since 1988.

Guns Checked between EVERY Game
One of our marshals has one job and one job only. That is, between every game, he checks every single gun, ensuring it’s clean and perfect in every way. Only when he is 100% happy with a gun, will he place it onto the gun racks, ready for your next game. We are the ONLY paintball centre in the UK to go this far, to make sure your day is the best possible.

Goggles Checks EVERY day
We check every single pair of goggles, every day before they go out to you the player. We will not compromise on safety or your playing enjoyment.

Dedicated Host Marshal.
From the minute you walk through the entrance at YPC, until you leave exhausted at the end of the day, you will be looked after by our dedicated “Safe Area” marshal. He has one job during your day, and that’s to look after your every need. This “Host” marshal will be in the safe area to answer any questions that you may have, offer tips and help on playing, make sure you are ready for the next game. In fact he is at your disposal for the entire day.

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