Stag do paintball

Stag Do Paintball

Stag Do Paintball at the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park

Looking for a fun and exciting way to celebrate your upcoming stag do? Look no further than the Yorkshire Paintball Centre! Located between Leeds, York and Selby, we offer the ultimate paintball experience for you and your friends. We have been running paintball events since 1988 so we know a thing or two about what makes a paintball stag do fun.

At the Yorkshire Paintball Centre, we have something for everyone. Our world-renowned paintball bridge is the biggest of its kind and provides an incredible challenge for even the most experienced players. And if you’re looking for an even more unique experience, check out our real downed aeroplane and our other award winning game maps.

Booking your stag do at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch with our friendly and professional team, and we’ll take care of the rest. We will send you all of the information that you need including directions. We’ll even provide a suitable costume for the stag.

And the fun doesn’t stop when the paintball games are over. Our end-game is always a hit with the stags, well, we say stags, what we really mean is everyone but the stag.

So what are you waiting for? Book your stag do at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre today and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! With our unbeatable combination of fun, excitement, and ease of booking, there’s no better place to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

Paintball is still the classic

Stag do paintball

The classic stag do event is still Paintball. There is no better feeling than aiming at your best mate with a paintball gun. Pulling the trigger and taking him down with a single shot or two or nine. The Yorkshire Paintball Centre is known as the best paintball venue in Yorkshre. Have a look at our game maps, our facilities and our food. No other paintball venue can offer your stag do such an awesome day out. Choose from a 90 minute event to a full on 4hr war.

Stag Do Games

Stag do paintball games

There are a number of stag do games that you could do, go karting is popular but there are not really any good ones near york. You could go on a pamper weekend, but you arn’t girls so that’s out. The timeless, best stag do event ever is still Paintball.

Dress the stag up, chase him through the woods and shoot him. Then afterwards, straight back to the hotel, quick shower and shave, then out to one of Yorks superb night clubs to get absolutely smashed. Then stay in bed all day Sunday, nursing an epic hang over, sound in the knowledge that your weekend was awesome.

Stag Do Paintball

As said above, Paintball is still the number one stag do idea in the UK. It’s fun, you get to dress the best man and stag up in a hilarious costume and shoot them to bits. What’s not to like. Yorkshire Paintball Centre has been hosting incredible stag do paintball events since 1988.

Stag Do Activities

Stag do activities

After your paintball stag do activities, you are going to want to spend the evening with a glass of water at a nice vegan restaurant. If you want to do something completely uncharacteristic for your group and party the night away, then we have a deal with one of Yorks best night clubs. We recommend you go straight to the front of the queue and get guaranteed entry. We’ll make sure you are not turned away.

Stag Do York

Stag Do York

York is a superb venue for your stag do. The city can become a blur as you stagger from one pup to the next doing the famous Micklegate Run. You start at the first pub on Micklegate, have a drink and repeat all the way down Micklegate. At the end of Micklegate, you will find a number of night clubs to choose from. When you get turned away from all of them, remember that Karen from the Paintball Centre has got you guaranteed entry. So head on back, ask the bouncers to get the manager and walk past them with a smug grin on your face.

If you are thinking about coming to York or Leeds for your stag do, then do yourselves a favour and book paintballing or airsofting. We’ll give you an epic experience that is fitting for sending your mate off into wedded bliss. After all, you only get married three or four times in your life, so make each one very special.

Go to our page all about Paintball by clicking HERE.

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