Junior Gelball

Welcome to the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, the ultimate venue for Junior Gelball in Leeds, York, and Selby. We provide safe, fun, and exciting Gelball adventures tailored for children aged 8-10 years (School Year 3-5).

Gelball Junior

Junior Gelball Event Details

Junior Gelball Price: £20.00 per participant. (10% Discount for 10 am Slot)
Start Times: 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM or 2:00 PM.
Duration: 90 Minutes
Age: 8-10 Years (Year 3-5)
Minimum Group Size: 10+ People
Ammo – Unlimited

Exciting Junior Gelball Events

Are you planning an unforgettable birthday bash or a unique gathering for your younger ones? Our Junior Gelball games at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park are the perfect choice. Our team is committed to ensuring all participants a safe and enjoyable experience. We provide all the necessary Gelball equipment, including single-shot pistols, protective gear, and unlimited ammo explicitly designed for younger players.

The Junior Gelball Gun

Gelball Junior Pistol

For our Junior Gelball events, we use lightweight, single-shot pistols that are perfect for younger players. These pistols are easy to handle and great for learning the basics of aiming and shooting in a fun, controlled environment.

Book Junior Gelball

Fun and Safe Junior Gelball Games

Our Junior Gelball games are designed to be dynamic, engaging, and ideally suited for children aged 8 to 10. You can also add food and enjoy complimentary use of one of our Zombie-themed rooms. Book your next Gelball Junior event at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park for a thrilling and safe adventure your kids will never forget!

What to Expect from Junior Gelball Games?

Gelball Junior at the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park

Junior Gelball at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park offers a fantastic new adventure for children aged 8-10. This instructor-led session involves various fun and straightforward objective or elimination-based Gelball games set in our scenic woodland. The gel ammunition used is incredibly safe, having the consistency of jelly.

Food for Your Event

If you wish to keep things simple, we offer food for your event in one of our themed party rooms for only £5 per person. This includes a large American-style hot dog, a packet of crisps, and a drink. If you have dietary restrictions, you can bring your own food, and we will refund £5 on the day for these players.

Junior Gelball Party Room

What is Included in the Junior Gelball Package?

The £20.00 per participant includes entry to the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park and all the equipment needed for the game, including:

  • Lightweight, Easy-to-Use Single-Shot Gelball Pistols
  • Unlimited Rounds of Ammo per player.
  • Paintball Goggles
  • Camouflage Coverall

How do the Junior Gelball games work?

Participants enjoy team-based games, where they learn the basics of shooting with ultra-reliable gelball pistols. After a thorough safety briefing, each player is issued a Camouflage Coverall, Paintball Goggles, and a Gelball Pistol. Then, it’s off into the woods for a 90-minute Gelball adventure where your group will play three exciting games with unlimited rounds of ammo.

Arrival Time

Everyone must arrive 15 – 30 minutes before the start time to participate in the safety briefing. Being on time helps us start on time and ensures all games are full-length.

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the age limitations for Junior Gelball?
A: 8-10 Years (School Year 3-5)

Q: Will I need to buy more ammo?
A: No. Each participant is given unlimited ammo.

Q: Does Gelball hurt?
A: No. The water-based pellets are soft and break easily upon contact.

Q: What should players wear?
A: Comfortable clothes are recommended as the event occurs in the woods.

Q: Can we have a party afterwards?
A: Absolutely! We offer themed function rooms for post-event celebrations with our catering or your own food.

Q: How do I book a Gelball Junior event?
A: You can easily book online or call our friendly team on 01757 289 322.

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