Speedball game map at the Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre

Speedball Paintball Game at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park | Leeds, York, Selby

Welcome to the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, home to the thrilling Speedball paintball game. This game is one of the first you’ll encounter at our centre and offers a unique and fast-paced paintball experience.

Realistic and Exciting Gameplay

The Speedball map is a small map with plenty of barricades, providing ample cover and making it ideal for smaller groups. The game features five flag stations, and your mission is to turn all flag stations to your colour. The Speedball game ends when the time runs out or all players on one team are eliminated. The team with the most flag stations wins. This is a fast game where you have to be very accurate right from the start. Teams win this game by playing as wide as possible and shooting across the map.

Experience the Intensity of the Speedball Game

Speedball at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre offers an intense game. The presence of multiple flag stations and barricades adds a layer of strategy to the game. This map is not only used for our paintball games but also for Airsoft, the YPC Walkon paintball games, and the Airsoft Proving Grounds.

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