Airsoft proving grounds at YPC

Airsoft Skirmish Days

We have two monthly Airsoft Skirmish Days. These are… Halo Mill Proving Grounds and the Airsoft 6mm Club.

Halo Mill Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds Tickets.

Halo Mill Proving Grounds tickets – Click HERE

Halo Mill Proving Grounds airsoft at YPC

Halo Mill Proving Grounds, airsoft skirmish days like never before. If you have your own airsoft kit and you live around Yorkshire, then this event is for you. The event takes place on the first Sunday of every month. It attracts between 100 and 300 players every month.

The Halo Mill Proving Grounds gates open from 8am giving you plenty of time to set up your equipment before game on at 10am. The game is a 6hr rolling, multi objective game. This means that it is possible for you to play for 6 straight hours if you want. Or enter and leave the game whenever you like. The choice is yours.

At the start of the day, you are given a location map which also has the timed objectives. Eg. Rescue the pilot from the aeroplane at 11am, or take the bridge at 12pm. Points are awarded for eliminations as well as for taking and holding timed objectives. When you are shot, you simply respawn back into the game. Airsoft Proving Grounds has something for everyone, whether you are a sniper or a cqb operator. Whether you are fit or unfit. Whether you want to play for 6 hrs or 20 mins and chat for the rest of the day, the choice is yours.

Want to play for 2hrs then take a break for something to eat. We have a 5* food hygiene rated kitchen serving some of the best food you will ever get at an airsoft event. Need ammo, there are always two shops on site selling ammo and pyro. Charging points are also available should you forget to charge your battery the night before. Need compressed air, no problem, we have a 3000psi air system on site with up to 5 fill rigs.

Airsoft Proving Grounds is a unique and exciting new format which you owe it to yourself to try. If you have friends who would like to play but they don’t have their own kit, that’s not a problem. Full kit can be hired on the day, but it’s best to book it out in advance.

To get a ticket for the next Halo Mill Proving Grounds event, please click HERE

Airsoft 6mm Club

6mm Club Tickets.

6mm Airsoft Club Tickets – Click HERE
6mm Airsoft Club Yearly Membership – Click HERE

Airsoft 6mm Clun at YPC

The new Airsoft club at YPC is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

£25 for Non Members
£20 for Members
Yearly Membership – £20
Airsoft gun and kit hire – £15

The day startst at 10am and finish at 4pm with a short break for lunch.
During the day, we will play a number of objective based games.
The club will be marshaled and run by experienced airsoft marshals who will be on hand all day to maintain safe and fair play.

This club is aimed at players with their own airsoft equipment, although gun and kit will be available to hire on the day for those new to the game.

The club will have it’s own dedicated safe / base area which is fully covered.
For more details, please contact

Gun Rules;
AEG – Maximum 350fps (Based on .20g BB)
DMR – Maximum 400fps (Based on .20g BB)
Sniper – Maximum 500fps (Based on .20g BB)
All players will be required to undertake a witnessed chrono test prior to receiving your team arm band and being allowed to play. Any airsoft gun that exceeds the velocity limits will not be allowed into the game area.

Pyro Rules;
All pyro’s used on the day MUST be CE Approved and Marked. To see if your pyro will be allowed, simply look on the pyro itself and if there is a CE mark, you will be fine. If there is no mark, then your pyro cannot be used. Do not assume that just because you bought your Pyro in the UK from a reputable shop, it can be used. No CE mark, no use!!

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