Linking to esteemed organisations like, BASC, Archery GB, KATTA, and the UKPSF on our website ensures that you, our valued customers, are accessing services endorsed by leading authorities in outdoor activities. These partnerships reflect our commitment to offering you experiences that are not only enjoyable but also align with the highest standards of safety and expertise, guaranteeing a quality adventure every time you visit us. The UK's leading provider of Outdoor Activities. is the UK’s leading outdoor activities provider.
With activity centres and affilliates all over the UK, it’s the only provider that we trust. They only send customers to reputable venues.
We are proud to ba a affiliated activity provider.

BASC - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is the UK’s largest shooting organisation, offering specialist advice, political lobbying, and exclusive member offers​​. Additionally, BASC actively promotes sustainable shooting, guided by research and practical conservation efforts​​.
All of our Air Rifle Shooting Instructors are BASC Qualified.

Archery GB

Archery GB functions as the national governing body for the sport of archery in the UK, encompassing various regional associations. They are responsible for regulating and administrating archery across all levels in the UK, catering to grassroots clubs and performance-level athletes​​.
All of our Archery Instructors are Archery GB Qualified

Knife and Axe Throwing Association UK

KATTA is focused on fostering the art of throwing knives, axes, and tomahawks in the UK. They provide expert advice and training for safe throwing.
All of our Axe Throwing Instructors are KATTA Qualified.

United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation

The UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF), established in 1990, is a voluntary body that aims to promote the sport of paintball in all its forms across the United Kingdom. They work closely with government bodies and local authorities to ensure the game is both safe and enjoyable. They are also responsible for producing Codes of Practice for registered paintball sites and striving for official recognition of paintball as a sport by the Sports Council​​​​​​​​.

All of our staff are UKPSF Trained and documented. We are an “Accredited” UKPSF venue (The highest possible status) and comply with all aspects of the Code of Practice.

Patrol Base UK is a leading airsoft retailer, offering a wide range of airsoft guns, tactical equipment, and gear. They cater to both beginners and experts, providing products like two-tone airsoft guns, pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and a variety of airsoft accessories, while also offering expert advice and customer service to enthusiasts.

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