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Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Lasertag laserblaster in YorkshireLaser Blaster (8 Yrs+)

£120 for a session with up to 12 players.
£9 per player thereafter. 

Our latest event at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre, we have introduced a Laser alternative to our Paintball and Airsoft events. Players are armed with a high tech, high powered infa red laser gun with a range of up to 500 meters that shoots at the speed of light.

Played in a specially designed woodland village, with 27 buildings, our laser tag events are like nothing you will have played before. Players are divided into 2 teams and must hunt their opposition and blast them to win the game. Each player has 10 lives per game. Who will be the best shot.

The perfect alternative to Paintball for players on a budget. Ideal for birthday partys and the minimum age is only 8 years. Our laser Blaster events last for 1hr.

Lasertag for mums tooLaserblaster is quite popular with parents too, with mums and dads regularly joining in. But just remember, the kids will be better than you. With Laserblaster costing less than Cinema and Pizza, it's the ideal event for a birthday party that will have the little soldiers talking about their day for months to come.And...it's one up for you against the other mums in the playground.

During 2015, we have found that more and more hen parties are booking Laser Blaster events.

A Laserblaster party is the easiest party you will ever organise. Just give us a call, book in and then forget about everything. We'll arrange everything, including the invitations. On the day we can even arrange the food for only £3.50. It's the best party that you ever won't have to arrange.

Laserblaster events are available at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm
Please book early as we only have 4 sessions per day and these are taken up quite quickly.