Adult Laser Tag (10 Players)

From: £250.00

Use this online booking to book your Laser Tag event.
Please note that the minimum booking is for 10 players (£25 per player) and weekends only. If you would like to book midweek, please contact us on 01757 289322.

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Laser Tag or Laser Quest uses a very high power infrared beam to shoot your opponent at the speed of light. There is no projectile in Laser Tag so it is ideal for players who don’t want to get shot. The gun itself records the number of times you are hit and by who. With unlimited ammo, laser tag offers very high value for money. Laser Tag is very popular with hen and teen birthday parties.

Usually you will play 4 team games and an “every player for themselves” game. The laser Tag command centre is the hub of the game. Players gather around the hub at the start of the game and the game spec is wirelessly beamed to your gun. At game on, your gun keeps a record of your game. It logs how often you shoot the opposition giving you points throughout the game.

At the end of the game, your gun will automatically stop firing. You make your way back to the hub and as soon as you are in range, your data will automatically start to download to the hub. A league table of how well you did will display and also the total points scored for your team. The system also announces the most valuable player (MVP). The “Every player for themselves” game is exactly that. You no longer play as a team, everyone is a target or a threat. The player with the highest score will be crowned the winner.

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