How much is an axe throwing session?

How much is an axe throwing session?

How much is an axe throwing session? Axe throwing has become a popular recreational activity, offering a unique blend of sport and entertainment. It’s a fantastic way to have fun with friends, family, or colleagues. If you’re considering booking an axe throwing session, one of the first questions you might have is about the cost. Here’s an insightful guide to understanding the pricing of an axe throwing session. But as a bit of a spoiler, it’s about £20 for an hour.

How much does it cost to do axe throwing

Factors Affecting the Cost

The price of an axe throwing session can vary based on several factors:

  1. Location: The cost can differ depending on the city or region. Urban centres might have higher prices due to the premium on space and higher operating costs.
  2. Duration of the Session: Most axe throwing venues offer sessions that last from one to two hours. Naturally, the longer the session, the higher the cost.
  3. Group Size: Some places charge per person, while others might offer group rates. Booking as a group can sometimes be more economical.
  4. Time and Day: Weekend and evening sessions often come at a premium due to higher demand.
  5. Amenities: Some venues offer additional amenities like food and drinks, coaching, or special games. These extras can affect the overall cost.

Typical Price Range

On average, the cost for an hour-long axe throwing session ranges from £15 to £30 per person. This price can increase if you opt for a longer session or additional amenities. Group packages may offer a discount, bringing down the per-person cost.

Booking and Packages

Many axe throwing venues offer various packages to cater to different needs. Some common packages include:

  • Standard Sessions: These are typically one-hour sessions with all necessary equipment provided.
  • Group Sessions: Ideal for parties or team-building events, group sessions often come with a dedicated area and may include food and beverages.
  • Membership Options: For regular throwers, some venues offer memberships that provide discounted rates.

Axe Throwing Cost

What’s Included?

The cost generally covers:

  • Axe Throwing Lanes: Reserved space where you can safely throw axes.
  • Equipment: Including axes and safety gear.
  • Safety Briefing and Instruction: Beginners must learn the basics and stay safe.
  • Scoring and Games: To add a competitive edge to the experience.

Value Beyond Cost

Axe throwing isn’t just about throwing an axe at a target; it’s an experience. It offers a fun way to relieve stress, bond with others, and engage in friendly competition. The value of the experience often goes beyond the monetary cost. Also, make sure you find a venue with KATTA trained staff to make sure your event is safe.

How much is an axe throwing session? Conclusion

An axe throwing session is an investment in fun and unique entertainment. While prices vary, the average cost is quite reasonable, especially considering the unique experience you get. Whether for a casual outing, a birthday party, or a corporate event, axe throwing offers an exciting and memorable way to spend your time and money. So grab your friends, book a session, and get ready to throw some axes!

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