Top 5 stag do activities in York

What are the Top 5 Stag Do Activities in York?

York is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, not just the UK. The city is indeed, stunning. It’s full of culture and adorned with history. But it’s also got some cool venues perfect for a stag do.

York is a particularly great place to have a stag party because it has unique bars, incredible food, and impressive nightlife. Not surprisingly, York has been voted one of the safest cities in the UK.

Located on the outskirts of the city, Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park certainly hosts the greatest stag party in York. The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park is an excellent choice for your stag party. There is something for everyone.

So, what are the top 5 Stag Do Activities in York?

1. Paintball

The staple of any successful Stag Party! Choose from Paintball 90 (90-minute session) and Classic Paintball (4-hour session). Paintball is a thrilling and competitive game in which players eliminate their opponents by hitting them with paintballs that break upon impact. Presently, Paintball is one of the top 5 stag do activities in the UK, not just in York.
Disclaimer: it is compulsory for the stag to wear a pink, fluffy dress whilst participating in a Paintball event at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park. This will be provided by the venue!

2) Axe Throwing

The modern sport of Axe Throwing is quickly becoming the number-one choice for birthday parties, days out, hen parties and of course, the stag do! In this session, you will participate in a series of exciting activities in our purpose-built axe-throwing arena. After slinging some axes and hitting a few bullseyes, things will be turned up a notch with a variety of thrilling games and competitions where you can unleash your inner warrior!

3) Archery

Even in the most distant epochs of human history our ancestors have crafted bows and arrows in order to hunt. Stag Parties across the UK are reconnecting with their primal instincts, by participating in the modern sport of Archery. A highly competitive and fun activity, Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park will guarantee that you leave your Archery Stag Party feeling like the next Legolas or Hawkeye.

4) Air Rifle Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting is an incredible choice for stag parties. First, it’s into our purpose-built shooting gallery to light up some targets. Our unique target range it designed to encourage precision shooting.

After firing some rounds and sharpening your accuracy, you’ll participate in various thrilling games and competitions where you can channel your inner marksman!
Warning: This is a highly competitive event!

5) Airsoft

The world’s greatest battlefield simulation. In Airsoft, players eliminate their opponents by hitting them with plastic Airsoft BB pellets in a series of thrilling special forces objectives played in our award-winning Paintball game zones. Airsoft rifles are hyper-realistic and resemble genuine military firearms.

If your stag party opts for Airsoft, each player will be issued a fully automatic Airsoft assault rifle [M4 Machine Gun or AK Style]. Then it’s off into the woods for outright warfare.

So, how do I book?

If you’re a best man, a friend of the groom or just fancy trying any of the top 5 stag do activities in York, simply give Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park a call on 01757 289 322 or you can book any of these events at with our online booking.

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