What's the minimum age for axe throwing

What’s the minimum age for Axe Throwing?

The minimum age for Axe Throwing in the UK is 12 years. (Or School Year 7). This age is not set by the venue but by the Insurance company that covers it. And it also has a practical reason. If you are younger than 12, you may not have the physical ability to throw an axe correctly, let alone throw it hard enough to stick in a target.

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Karen Sinclaire’s Thought on the Minimum Age for Axe Throwing

I get asked all of the time, what’s the minimum age for axe throwing? I like to be able to offer activities for all ages and wish we could offer Axe Throwing to younger children, but it’s just not practical. If you leave the insurance aspect to one side, there is the question of the physical ability to participate. If you take Archery, we can provide much smaller bows for kids and stand closer. Again, we offer Laser Tag, where no projectile hits a participant. Also, the equipment is lightweight. But Axe Throwing is a bit different. A lighter axe would not have the energy to stick in a wooden board. And we cannot reduce the distance due to the axe needing to make one rotation. We offer “Angels” which are smaller and lighter axes, but they need to throw harder to stick into the target.

Booking Your Adventure: Get Ready to Throw!

Ready to book your adventure? Please get in touch with us and choose from various exciting activities suitable for all ages. Remember, axe throwing isn’t just about skill; it’s about enjoying the moment and creating lasting memories.

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