Axe Throwing in Yorkshire - 30 Questions Answered

Axe Throwing in Yorkshire – 30 Questions Answered

Axe Throwing in Yorkshire – 30 Questions Answered. We have taken the top 30 questions about axe throwing and put them along with the answers in one place. Please let us know if you have any questions we have not covered here, and we will add more.

Axe Throwing Yorkshire

1) What should I wear to axe throwing?
When you throw axes, you should wear comfortable clothes. Make sure they are not too loose, as they may catch the axe when throwing. You should also wear closed-toed footwear.

2) How heavy is a throwing axe?
Axe-throwing axes are no heavier than a hatchet that you may have in your garden shed. If you need a smaller axe, we have “Angels”, which are much lighter. You don’t need to be strong to participate in axe throwing, though, as it’s all about technique.

3) How old do I need to be for axe throwing?
The minimum age for axe throwing is 12 years old. There is no maximum age.

4) Can I drink alcohol while axe throwing?
Absolutely not. Alcohol and axe throwing do not mix, ever. Clearly, some people would have no issue having a bottle of beer and throwing axes, but unfortunately, we have to cater for the “Slowest Runner”, and some people would just act like idiots. There are real safety aspects to axe throwing, which, when observed, mean the event is very safe. The addition of alcohol would inevitably grey that area, and safety would be compromised. After the event, fill your boots. Your time is yours.

5) Is axe throwing fun?
Axe throwing is great fun. Our unique scoring system and team games are the best in Yorkshire. You cannot throw an axe without having a huge smile on your face.

6) How do you score at axe throwing?
Our axe-throwing targets have three zones. The bullseye scores 5 points, the next ring is 3 points, and the outer ring is 1 point.

7) How far away is the target?
For axes, the distance is 14 feet. For angels, the distance is 12 feet.

8) How much does axe throwing cost?
Axe throwing is £20 per person.

9) How long does axe throwing take?
Our axe-throwing events last for one hour. If you would like to join us for longer, we have several other activities to choose from.

10) Is axe throwing dangerous?
Axe throwing is not dangerous, assuming the rules are observed. In addition, we have the best and safest axe-throwing facilities in Yorkshire. Each “Bay” is separated by steel mesh on the sides and overhead. Your axe can’t enter an adjacent bay. Believe it or not, some venues have no physical separation whatsoever. These places should be avoided.

Axe Throwing Yorkshire Questions

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11) Can I go axe throwing while pregnant?
There is no reason why you can’t go axe-throwing while pregnant. One of the highest scores achieved with us was by a pregnant woman. However, we recommend you consult a GP before doing any activity, including axe throwing.

12) What is axe-throwing etiquette and safety?
Axe-throwing etiquette is not putting off throwers while throwing. Unless it’s a stag do, then it’s pretty much mandatory. Safety is never compromised, regardless of the group type.

13) How many people throw at a time?
We currently have seven individual bays, so seven people can throw simultaneously. We then have a maximum of 3 people per bay. This means the maximum group size is 21 players.

14) What kind of axes are used for axe throwing?
Any axe can be used for axe throwing. However, we use tomahawks because they are just cool.

15) Can anyone participate in axe throwing?
Anyone over the age of 12 can participate in axe throwing.

16) Do I need special equipment?
You don’t need to bring anything with you other than a sense of adventure.

17) Can I bring food and snacks?
Yes, absolutely. If you don’t, then we do have a snack bar.

18) Is axe throwing suitable for parties?
Axe throwing is designed for parties, the more the merrier.

19) How long does it take to learn axe throwing?
For most people, we can teach the correct way to throw an axe in under 10 minutes. There are some exceptions, and for those people who struggle, we spend extra time helping them until they get it right.

20) Can I practice axe throwing at home?
It all depends on what facilities you have at home. If you have an axe, a wooden board and plenty of space then there is no reason why not. Just make sure no pets or children are around.

Group axe throwing yorkshire

21) Are spectators allowed?
It’s normal for anyone not participating to watch and join in the fun. We have plenty of spectator seating.

22) Will there be training?
Yes, we show all participants the correct way to throw axes at the event’s start. All of our instructors are certified and trained by KATTA, which is axe throwing governing body.

23) What are examples of axe-throwing games?
While we are rotting up the individual scores, we play some team games. One of these is where each team member must throw an axe and stick it on the board; if successful, the next team member tries. If all of the team are successful, then that team gets one point. The first team to three or five points wins.

24) How strong do you need to be to throw an axe?
You do not need to be strong to enjoy axe throwing. It’s all about technique rather than strength.

25) Can we bring food?
Yes, no problem, bring your own food.

26) How many targets do you have?
We currently have seven targets.

27) Will we need to share our lane with other guests?
No, we keep all guests separate. Even though you may be using the facility at the same time, we do not let people from other groups use any of the bays that you would be using.

28) How many people can be in a lane?
To ensure everyone gets maximum time, we have no more than three participants per lane. Any less than this and participants can struggle with fatigue.

29) What is your cancellation policy?
We have a 2-week cancellation policy. We will give you a full refund if you cancel with at least two weeks to go until your event. If it’s within two weeks, we will offer you an alternative date at no extra charge, but we cannot offer a refund.

30) Do people get hurt at axe throwing?
Not physically, but if you lose badly and are part of a stag do, your feelings may get hurt by your friends in the group.

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