Paintballing in Leeds

Paintballing in Leeds

Welcome to the thrilling world of paintball! You’re about to embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure near Leeds, a city that boasts absolutely no paintball arenas, tailored to cater to your inner warrior. Whether you’re a seasoned paintball pro or a complete novice looking to get your hands dirty, Leeds really hasn’t got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about paintball in Leeds. From the top venues (Which there aren’t any) and the best packages to tips on perfecting your game, we’ve got it all. So, grab your gear, rally your team, and let’s get started!

The Exciting World of Paintball

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Paintball is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping sport that combines strategy, teamwork, and, of course, paint-filled projectiles. Two teams battle it out in a specially designed field, using paintball guns (also known as markers) to eliminate opponents by hitting them with paint-filled capsules. The game’s objective may vary, from capturing the opponent’s flag to defending your base or eliminating all opposing players. The sport has garnered a loyal following over the years, making it a popular choice for corporate events, stag parties, and casual outings with friends.

Top Paintball Venues in Leeds

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You will notice above that I made a point of saying that there are absolutely no paintball venues in Leeds. This is absolutely true. There is one in Wakefield that says they are in Leeds, check them out and read their reviews before you book.

Actually it’s a bit of a mine field. If you do a search for Paintball Leeds, you will see 10 different companies, all claiming to be in Leeds. But they aren’t, none of them. As said before, there is one in Wakefield (Make sure you check out their reviews… no really, do check), and all of the other entries are agencies, claiming to be venues in Leeds. The truth is, they probably haven’t even fired a paintball gun. They will charge you a fee to play and send you to a random venue. Possibly even the one in Wakefield. They really couldn’t care less where they send you. But they are good at positioning on Google.

So what about us. What’s the point of this blog post and what are we trying to say.

The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park is not in Leeds either, we are just outside though, take the A64 to the A19, just South of York and hey presto. One of the best paintball venues in the UK.

We don’t accept agency bookings, for exactly the reasons above. All we would be doing is marketing against them and they buying back our own customers. It’s not good business practice. But so what I hear you say. Well, by not paying commissions to a third party, we can offer you a much better experience and it’s probably cheaper.

Paintballing in Leeds – Why are we the best.

Inside our paintball safe area
  1. We were established in 1988 and are one of the oldest paintball centres in the UK
  2. We have game maps like no other venue. We have the Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge, on our “Bridge” map. A real crashed aeroplane on our Airfield map. We have a huge 10,000sq ft bunker on our… Bunker map and much much more
  3. We only use thermal goggles (Like double glazing) that do not steam up.
  4. We check every single gun between every game. We even have a dedicated marshal to do just that. We will not let you play with a broken or sub standard gun.
  5. We have a 5* food hygiene rated kitchen serving food that we have personally tested (We do it so you don’t have to). We don’t give out pot noodles or worse and pass it off as lunch.
  6. We have a number of deals for groups and our paintballs are only £8 per 100.
  7. We offer specific events for juniors, your kids will not be playing against adults on stag do’s
  8. We also offer Airsoft, Gelball, Nerf, Laser Tag, Archery, Axe Throwing, Air Rifle Shooting, Battle Zone Archery and hose monthly events for players with their own equipment. Players with their own equipment know where to play and they choose us.

Best Packages and Prices

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When it comes to paintball in Leeds, there are packages to suit every budget and group size. Here are some of the most popular options:

  1. 90 Minute Package Ideal for those short on time or first-time players, a 90 minute package typically includes 3 games and 300 paintballs per person. It’s only £25 per person.
  2. Classic Paintball A full 4 hr package offers a more immersive experience, with 6-8 games and as many paintballs as you like, you choose . The prices is only £15 per person and includes 100 paintballs. You then buy as many or as few as you like at £8 per 100.
  3. Group Packages For larger groups, such as corporate events or stag parties, group packages often include discounted rates, additional paintballs, and even a complimentary lunch. Prices depend on the number of participants and chosen extras.

Essential Tips for Paintball Success

Group on a stag do.
  1. Dress for the Occasion Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that covers your arms and legs. Choose dark colours or camouflage to blend in with the environment. Don’t forget to wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes for running and navigating uneven terrain.
  2. Safety First Always wear your goggles and follow the rules set by the venue. Keep your marker’s safety on when not in play, and listen to your marshals’ instructions.
  3. Communicate with Your Team Teamwork is crucial in paintball. Communicate with your teammates, share your observations, and strategize together to outsmart your opponents.
  4. Stay on the Move Avoid being a stationary target. Keep moving and changing positions to make it difficult for your opponents to hit you.
  5. Use the Environment Use the field’s obstacles and structures to your advantage. Take cover behind barriers and plan your attack from a safe position.
  6. Conserve Your Ammo Don’t waste your paintballs by shooting aimlessly. Pick your targets carefully and shoot when you have a clear shot.
  7. Learn from Experience With every game, you’ll learn more about tactics, teamwork, and your own strengths and weaknesses. Reflect on each experience and use that knowledge to improve your future gameplay.

Fun Paintball Variations to Try

If you’re looking for a twist on the classic paintball experience, Leeds has plenty to offer:

  1. Low Impact Paintball Low impact paintball uses smaller, lighter paintballs that cause less pain on impact, making it perfect for younger players or those seeking a less intense experience. We call this kids Paintball. It’s £22.50 per player, is a 90 minute session and includes 300 paintballs (3 games – 100 paintballs per game)
  2. Paintball Scenario Games our paintball venue near Leeds hosts special scenario games, where players are immersed in a storyline and given objectives to complete. From saving hostages to capturing enemy territories, these games provide a thrilling change from standard paintball matches.


Paintball in Leeds offers a world of excitement, adrenaline, and camaraderie. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a first-timer, Leeds’s top-notch paintball venues (And remember, there really arn’t any) and diverse game scenarios guarantee a thrilling experience. Remember to choose the right package, dress for success, and hone your teamwork and strategy skills to dominate the battlefield. So, gather your friends, family, or colleagues and embark on a paint-splattered adventure near Leeds. Happy paintballing!

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