Paintball for a Stag or Hen Do

Paintball for a Stag or Hen Do

You only ever get married three or four times in your life, so you need to make each occasion special. That starts with the Stag or Hen party. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to celebrate your stag or hen party, then paintball is the perfect activity for you and your group. Paintball is and always has been the ultimate event for Stag and Hen parties, and why wouldn’t it be. You get together with your friends, dress up the stag and best man in the most ridiculous costume you can think of, then spend the rest of the day hunting them down and shooting them with a paintball gun. There is absolutely nothing I could add to that sentence to make the event better.
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The Benefits of Paintball for Stag and Hen Do’s:

Paintball is a great way to bond with your friends and create some fantastic memories that you’ll remember for years to come and that’s important when you are on a Stag or Hen party. You may not remember the night, but you will definitely remember the fun you had during the day. Paintball ticks every single box when it comes to Stag or Hen parties. It’s fun, unlimited numbers, all ages can join in and you can really send them off into their life of servitude with a bang.

Planning Your Paintball Stag or Hen Do:

Remember to plan your paintball stag or hen party well in advance. We do get bookings in October / November for an event in June or July the following year. Paintball is so popular at the moment that it’s important to book early to make sure you secure your spaces. Stag or Hen parties don’t tend to be people in your local area as they would be with a corporate event, participants can literally be all over the world, so it’s no good arranging the event a week before and finding there is no availability.
Quite often it is the future wife of the Groom who organises the paintball stag do, we generally find that it takes a woman’s touch to get things organised properly. With Hen parties, every participant is capable of organising the event and usually two or three of the group will organise everything.

Choosing the Right Paintball Venue:

Paintball for a Stag or Hen Do with smoke grenades

Whoever organises the event, there are some things you will need to bare in mind. One of the most important things is to choose the right paintball venue. Not all paintball venues are the same and the quality differs immensely. At the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, we have been running Stag and Hen do’s since 1988 so we do know a thing or two about how to make your event fantastic. But it’s not just the organising of your event, the equipment and how well it is maintained is so important. There are some venues that use old scratched goggles, or half broken guns. These venues do not make for a good event. Believe it or not, there are more of these types of venues than good ones. Make sure you choose very carefully and if possible, visit the venue before you book.
At the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, we only use thermal goggles that do not steam up. These goggles are checked daily. In between every game, we check, clean and re air every single gun, this means your gun is perfect for every game. We take no chances and neither should you.

What to Wear to a Paintball Stag or Hen Do:

Obviously you need to be wearing old clothes to play. Don’t wear your dancing shoes and fancy silk shirt. In winter, wear layers and in the summer, shorts and a t shirt are fine. We supply camo coveralls anyway, so whatever you wear, make sure it’s comfortable. We provide the rest.
As for the stag. Try and keep it tasteful. We have “Fun” suits to lend out if you forget to bring something, but fancy dress is not only normal, it’s almost the law. Whilst we do have some fun with the stag, especially at the end, we will not ever allow the Stag to get hurt.

Tips for Winning at Paintball:

There are tips for winning at paintball, like shooting from cover, communicating etc, but you are on a stag do, so these elements are put towards the back in terms of importance. You win at a paintball Stag or Hen do by having a great time. Our staff are there to help you achieve this. We completely understand the joviality of these events. As long as you are safe, we are open to any number of requests. The real winners in paintball are those that took part.

Safety First:

Whilst we want everyone to have fun, there are also a few safety aspects that we need to examine. Firstly and probably most obviously. Alcohol. If someone turns up stinking of booze and can hardly string a sentence together, then unfortunately they will not be able to play. Also we do not allow drinking of alcohol during your event under any circumstances. If you turn up at 11:30am with a half drunk can of Special Brew, then firstly you cannot play and secondly, I would recommend seriously looking at your life choices. Lets have fun and stay safe.
Afterwards, if you want to get the Stag wrecked on a night out in York and cable tie him to a fishing boat bound for the North sea, then that’s absolutely fine, but while you are with us, it’s safety and fun.

Paintball Games and Scenarios:

We play a number of games during your time with us. You will play of the Worlds Biggest purpose built Paintball Bridge, you will also play on the airfield with a real crashed aeroplane. Along with many other superb games. And at the end, there is a very good chance that the Stag will do a “Stag Run” and when I say “A very good chance”, what I mean is, he will absolutely do a Stag Run.

Other Activities to Combine with Paintball:

We have a number of other activities that can be combined with paintball to make the ultimate event. The most popular at the moment is a Paintball and Axe throwing combo. But many groups combine paintball and Airsoft, or Paintball and Battle Zone Archery. We have a number of events, have a look and choose the events that you think are right for your group.

Alternatives to Paintball for Hen Parties.

Some girls just don’t want to run around, get dirty and get shot at. Some absolutely do. Alternatives to Paintball for Hen parties that are always popular are Laser Tag, you are hit with a beam of light. Archery, Air Rifle Shooting and Axe throwing. In there events you do not get dirty and nothing hits you.

Whichever event you choose, firstly make sure you visit the venue before you book, book well in advance and have fun!!

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