YPC 1989 Club

YPC 1989 Club.

The 1989 club, what is it and what does it do?

The YPC 1989 club has been around now for well over 10 years. It started as a monthly side event to the YPC Walkons. A place where people who wanted to play a more tactical game with magfed, pump and pistol paintball guns. The 1989 club lets players compete on an equal level. After all, what’s the point in playing with a pistol against a super semi. You are just going to get owned in seconds.

Over the years, the 1989 club grew and grew in parallel with the rise in Magfed events lead by Alex Munro and Paul Strutt. Today, Magefd is bigger than ever and so is the 1989 club.

Lets slow things down

Over time, players with the super semi’s, especially the older players who wanted a more civilised and slightly slower game asked if they could join in. Clearly letting a super semi in against Magfed players wasn’t going to work. They needed to be slowed down in terms of rate of fire and also capacity. This is where the YPC 1989 Club and gravity fed, 50 shot hoppers came in. These are supplied on the day by YPC so you don’t need to buy one. In reality, these hoppers are awful, they will feed at around 4 balls per second, but that poor feed ability is their strength when you are trying to level the field.

We could have gone with a rate of fire capped electronically. Like 5.5bps as some sites have tried, but the reality is that even with a rate of fire cap, you have to marshal it very carefully as someone will try and push things somewhere. The 50 shot gravity fed hopper is a simple solution to something that is more complex than first meets the eye. We like things simple in the YPC 1989 Club.

It’s not for everyone

The YPC 1989 club is not for everyone. In the same way that supair isn’t for everyone, but don’t knock it until you try it. In my opinion two of the best games ever to be played in the UK, All the Fun of the Fair 1 and 2 were both played using 1989 club gun rules. They both went down a storm.

The YPC 1989 club isn’t about converting people. It is not about tribes of one type of paintball against another, it’s about having fun. Play the 1989 club one month and play the CPPS the next, why not?

The 1989 Club is held at YPC on the last Sunday of every month during the year. With the event in December being “Crimbogeddon” which is always held in the boring time between Boxing Day and New Years Eve.

Fancy a bit of fun playing paintball slightly differently, then pop along, it would be great to see you.

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