Crimbogeddon 2019

Crimbogeddon is the Yorkshire Paintball Centres annual Christmas walkon event. Players who have their own equipment compete against each other in two teams for nothing other than fun.

All players must have their own paintball equipment which includes goggles and paintball gun. We use the 1989 club rules for guns. That is 280 feet per second maximum, Pistol, pump or magfed, or anything goes with one of our gravity fed 50 shot hoppers.

During the Crimbogeddon event, we open up the game sones, typically using double game zones to make much bigger maps. This is due to the number of players which is always in excess of 100. It’s quite normal for players to dress festively or even just decorate their paintball guns for the day.

During the year, we run monthly walkon days. These are held on the last Sunday of each month. Please arrive for 9am to set up and the first game starts at 10am. It’s only £10 to play as the event is self marshaling. This means that if you are the type of person who does not take their hits properly, please don’t turn up. You won’t last long before you are asked to leave.

To find out more about Crimbogeddon or any of our paintball walkons where you need all of your own equipment, please click HERE
Need to buy all your own kit to play one of our walkons, then visit Fat Bobs Paintball and Airsoft Shop

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