Gelball Birthday Party

What is a Gelball party?

Gelball is an exciting and growing game that has just been introduced to the UK from America. It’s a great fun activity suitable for individuals, groups and families, but best of all, it makes an absolutely awesome birthday party. A gelball party is a perfect way to celebrate your birthday outside in the fresh air. Let’s learn everything you need to know to have a fantastic Gelball party.

What is a Gelball Party?

Gelball is similar to paintball, but instead of using paint-filled pellets, you use small, biodegradable gel balls that are made of water and a polymer. These Gelballs are fired from a fully automatic machine pistol, so there is a high rate of fire. More pellets in the air means more fun. Like a paintball or Nerf party, Gelball parties are a great way to celebrate your birthday. We divide into two teams and play at least three games in our 1-hour sessions. Then if you choose, you can have after-party food in one of our themed party rooms. It’s the perfect event for anyone aged 8 (Year 3) or above.

What to Expect When Playing Gelball

When you first arrive, each player will be kitted out in camo, they will also be issued with a pair of paintball goggles. The colour of the goggles will determine which team they are on.. Red or Blue.
After a short briefing, it’s out to the game maps. We use the same award-winning maps as our paintball and airsoft games, so your kids will play on “The Airfield”, on the World’s Biggest Paintball Bridge, as well as a number of other maps. This is an absolutely unique event.

What to Wear to a Gelball Party

This is a question we get asked all of the time, what should my kids wear? We provide camo coveralls, so your kids clothes won’t get dirty, even though, we recommend old clothing and sturdy footwear. Boots are best, most people play in trainers. If it is very hot, in the summer months for example, then shorts and a T-shirt is fine. In winter, layers are the key, although after running around for 2 minutes, you can get very warm, so don’t overdo it.

What is the minimum age to play Gelball?

The minimum age for a gelball party is 8 years, or Year 3. So some players may be 7 years in the same year group, but this is fine. The age restriction is insurance-led. There is no maximum age, so parents or even grandparents could join in, and often do!!

Does Gelball Hurt?

Absolutely not, the gelballs are made up of around 98% water and crush on impact. They hit with much less force than a junior paintball. To put things in perspective, it’s around the same as being hit with a Nerf dart.

How Many Gelballs Do You Get?

We give each player 800 gelballs per game and play three games so each player will get around 2400 gelballs officially. Unofficially, if they run out, we just re fill the hoppers, so many use significantly more than the 2400 given. These are free and all-inclusive in the price. You do not have to pay for additional ammo. We like to see the kids having a good time, so don’t restrict things.

What is the Difference Between a Gelball Party and Paintball?

Not much really, other than the ammo. Paintballs have a shell and contain paint, Gelballs are a water-absorbent polymer, these remarkable pellets are around 98% water. They are completely biodegradable and have absolutely no effect on the environment. Gelballs from our guns fire at the same velocity as our kids paintball guns, but the gelballs are smaller and lighter. It’s a bit like being hit with a Nerf dart.

How to Play Gelball

Gelball is played in exactly the same way as Paintball or Airsoft. We divide into two teams and each team starts at a base. The game’s objective is to shoot the opposition and achieve the objective. This could be to capture a flag or dominate an area. We play three different games in the Gelball session.

Can parents watch?

Yes, absolutely. We play in the paintball game maps and projectiles are flying around, usually lots of projectiles flying around. Parents can absolutely watch, but they must wear paintball goggles when doing so. We supply these. We can’t guarantee that you won’t get shot though, you know your kids better than us, so that’s your call. In our experience though, the kids love shooting the parents, so maybe old clothing would be the order of the day. Or parents can relax in our base area with a coffee.

In short, a Gelball party at the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity park, played in the paintball maps, followed by party food in a zombie-themed party room is an absolutely awesome event. In fact, I am not sure what words can be added to that sentence to make the experience even more awesome. Please let us know if you can add anything and we probably will.

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