Kids Paintball

Kids Paintball

Kids Paintball. What’s the minimum age?

Paintball has always been an adult sport or pastime. But over the last few years, there have been a number of innovations to the paintball equipment and also the paintballs themselves meaning that we can now offer kids paintball.

New Kids paintball equipment.

When you as a parent were young and you went paintballing, no doubt you left the venue black and blue. In the olden days, that’s what happened with paintball. Now your son or daughter has come home and expressed an interest in paintball and you immediately think back to when you were young.

Well, with the addition of new kids paintball equipment, you can relax. Your son / daughter is not going to come home covered in bruises. They will just come home a bit fitter, completely shattered and full of great memories.

So what has changed?

To answer this, we need to go through some boring science, but read on and you will see how paintball has changed. It’s all to do with the energy of a paintball.

When you played paintball, you will have been using an old fashioned, .68 cal paintball. The gun you will have used will have been a gas (Co2 or Air) powered paintball gun firing at around 300 feet per second. This velocity and the size / weight of the paintball gives an impact energy. This is around 13 jouls of energy.

Today, at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre, for our adult players, we use a smaller paintball. Even though this smaller paintball shoots at a higher velocity, the impact energy is only around 5 jouls. This means that the paintballs in the adult version of paintball at YPC (12 years +) hit you with one third of the energy of the old fashioned paintball. We call it Paintball 2.0. This lower energy means that players do not go away bruised.

What about the kids paintball?

At the Yorkshire Paintball Centre, we have a specially designed pump action paintball gun which we use with our kids paintball groups. There is no air or Co2 bottle, the paintball gun is spring fired. We use the smaller paintballs, but the gun only fires at 120 feet per second. So in terms of jouls of energy, the paintball impacts with around 1.6 jouls of energy. This is around 10 times less impact energy than when you played paintball when you were at school all of those years ago.

The result of this new equipment is that your kids are perfectly safe, will not come home bruised, but will come home fitter, shattered and above all, full of memories of a great day out in the woods played with their friends.

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