Most frequently asked paintball questions

Paintball Frequently Asked Questions

At the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, we do get asked some strange paintball frequently asked questions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Some of these are asked daily.
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Can you go paintballing with 2 people?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst most people play as part of a group, there are lots of couples who play and have a great time. How about a lad and dad day, or a mum and daughter day.
If you only have two players, we would put you in a group with more, so there will be plenty of people to shoot at.

Why is paintball not more popular?

That’s one of the very interesting paintball frequently asked questions. Paintball is not for everyone. It does involve running around the woods, sometimes getting dirty and being hit with paintballs. Whilst being hit with paintballs doesn’t hurt, there are some people that simply don’t believe this and so won’t play. But that’s fine, we have Axe Throwing, Archery or Laser Tag for those people.

Do you wear jeans to paintball?

Believe it or not, we do get asked this question quite regularly. The answer is, you can wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. We provide coveralls anyway, so the colour of your clothing is not important. You may want to think about the age of your clothes though. Old clothes are best and boots are better than stilettos.

Does paintball wash off clothes?

Yes, absolutely, paintballs are water soluble so they should wash off clothes. But wash your clothes as soon as possible. We have had paintballs in the past that have stained clothing, so that’s why we always say, wear old clothes and not your Sunday best.

Can you dodge a paintball?

If you are quick you can, or if you see the paintball coming from a long way away, then it is possible to dodge a paintball. Smaller paintballs are harder to dodge and dark coloured paintballs are nearly impossible to dodge as you can’t see them coming. Paintballs travel at around 300 feet per second, which is pretty fast, but if you are quicker, then you can dodge the odd one or two. Now that paintball guns are usually semi automatic, I wouldn’t count on being able to “Dodge a bullet” This is one of our more bizar paintball frequently asked questions.

How many paintballs do you need for paintballing?

There is no absolute answer to this, it all depends on how many times you are planning on pulling the trigger. The equation is, number of times the trigger is pulled = the number of paintballs used. Now that’s not much help, so to fully answer the question, we would probably be best using averages. On average, you will usually use around 100 paintballs per game. Some people will use more, some will use less. It all depends on how trigger happy you are. But if you say 100 paintballs per game and around 2 games per hour of play, then you would be looking at the right number. On our paintball 90 events, players are given 300 paintballs each and don’t usually need more (Some do), expect to use around 600 paintballs on our 4hr classic paintball event.

How much is kids paintball?

Kids paintball lasts for 90 minutes and in that time, we play 3 games. The price per player is £22.50. That includes all paintballs and all equipment used.

Can I take my own gun to paintball?

Yes and no. If the event is what we call a “Walkon” where only players with their own guns can play, then yes. But not normally. If you are playing paintball as part of a stag do or birthday event and no one else has their own guns, then no, you cannot use your own gun. All of our guns are speed tested every morning to make sure they are safe. This is the main reason we do not allow own guns.

How popular is paintball in the UK?

Paintball is extremely popular in the UK. It’s like Call of Duty but for real. Dressing in camo, arming ourself with a gun that fires paintballs that splat on your mates, why wouldn’t it be popular.

How many rounds can a paintball gun shoot?

A standard paintball gun can shoot at around 4 paintballs per second, this equates to 240 rounds per minute if you sustain the shooting. In reality, things don’t work like that though and a normal player will use around 100 paintballs per hour of play. The gun will shoot as many paintballs as you can load into it, until it runs out of air. If this happens, we simply refill the air.
A full air tank will usually last around 1000 full power shots though.

Is paintball the safest sport?

Paintball is probably not the safest sport, that would probably be tiddly winks of any other sport where you can sit down to play. Injuries are very uncommon though. We don’t tend to see injuries as a direct result of paintballing, but we do see the odd injury from people running into trees.

Is paintball safer than golf?

Interestingly, golf is not the safe sport that people think it is with an average of 1.8 injuries per 1000 participants. Compare this to rugby at 1.5 injuries per 1000 participants and you have an anomaly. Who knows why golf is so dangerous. Maybe it’s being hit on the back of the head with a gold ball, or maybe the age demographics have a hand in this, who knows, but golf is not that safe.
Paintball on the other hand has around 0.2 injuries per 1000 participants.
Statistically Paintball is 9 times safer than golf and 7.5 times safer than rugby.

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